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  1. You never forget the fish that got away. We lost a 20+ pound king last night at the back of the boat in the dark. It'd taken a moonshine spoon on a Dipsy and as I was hand lining in The last 15 feet, The king didn't like the propwash, Woke up and gave one last fight and spit out the spoon. Good times.
  2. Mature Kings in 100-120 fow. Early morning from 30 to bottom, later fish hard 80 down. Meat rigs and j plugs high. The cold water is at 80. But they were way out of temp intermittently through out the day. Fish early tomorrow as you will most likely get blown off the lake early afternoon.
  3. Fishing aboard Katch Me today inthe LudingtonTournament. Defending our 1st place from last year. The Rodfather is on the water. 6 ó¾?½in the box.
  4. Jihn Simcox Group. Nice Steelhead today. 140 fow to180 in 4-6s. All fish taken above 60 ft. To 22 ft. Boards on half cores , 150 to 275 Cu, downriggers down 50 and high divers out 150. reg to small spoons and spinnys early. Fish with lot of bait to match those spoon sizes. Temp brake at 40.
  5. This data comes from pipes.yahoo.com but the Pipe does not exist or has been deleted.
  6. For an up to date fish report. Call my cell phone and I will be happy to trade information. Just let me know how you did. post some pictures, what depth, latitude, lures,, its all good. Its a big lake, and sharing info is good.
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