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  1. Thanks for the photo and fishing info. How about depth of water and and depth lures set?
  2. Great day fishing. Mostly a spoon bite. This nice 21 lb female came on a spoon over 112 foot of water, 65 down on a rigger. We ended up with 12 nice fish, Kings, Coho's, Lake Trout and a Steelhead. Had around 22 hits throughout the day. Best fishing was steady from 10:20 am on. Fish slowed down after 3:30 pm. Fishing best between 65 - 95 down over 112 - 135 foot of water. Best colors were blues. Not much on meat or flys.
  3. Any chance you would like to give readers a chance at a water depth, troll direction, port, best colors ?
  4. Our youngest fisherman. Poor fishing in 45 - 75. Moved out to 90 and hit em. 10 - 14 with three 16 lb. Kings. NW troll. Most fish came on lead and copper. Mag spoons of several colors. Greens, purple. Young Lucas hauled in several including this nice 16 lb King. All our fish came after 12 pm.
  5. Right now St. Joe to S. Haven is the best fishing with plenty to do in S. Haven for your wives.
  6. It is great that you report but how about some information for those of us looking to head out?
  7. Sorry but that was on 05/21. Copper and riggers were our best option.
  8. Fished from 3 pm to 8 pm. Heavy fog until last two hours but very calm. Tried water from 75 - 45 with 50 - 55 deep the best. Landed 4 - 9. We caught 3 Coho and 1 King (16 lbs.) Best depth was 30 feet down. Every application had a hit except for wire. No fish hit a fly. Magnum spoons best. Try again on Friday. Good luck fishermen.
  9. Fished Tuesday and Friday. Tues - hit the water at 1 pm and off at 4 pm. ! King, Lake Trout, and 2 Coho. Lost two others. Fished just south of pier in 17 foot of water. Best fishing. Tried in close and got one. Best batis - red thin fin, medium dark spoon. (Purple) Friday - Fished 17, 8, 30, 40, and 50. Nothing. Met two guys who caught six in 20 foot of water south. Thats fishing.
  10. jdh - What are you in ? A friend and I are going to be in Grand Haven Monday - Thursday next week. Maybe we can team up. Send me a message and let me know boat size and possibilities. I have a 18 foot Lund well equiped but a little small with much over three foot. Have all the equipment.

  11. jimbobber - Thanks for the post. A little help would be appreciated. Taking a friend from east side to Grand Haven Monday - Thursday next week. If we can get out. Any help would be appreciated. Depth, location ? I can fish any set up. Just need a little start point. Jim
  12. aDDICT - Looking for some help. Will be in Grand Haven from Monday to Thursday. Suggestions for a start point. I can fish any type of set up. Taking a friend from the east side. Thanks for anything you throw my way.
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