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  1. http://www.sdtrucksprings.com/firestone-2355-ride-rite-air-bags-nissan-titan-2004-2015 I have a pair on a 1991 F150 short box and they work great
  2. like the Helix 5 but it is small works great fits in the area I have. Go with the bigger unit if you have room
  3. My boat is a open floor with two seat boxes so needed to mount to the side and low
  4. I played with it in the store for a hour and feel I made the right choice. the 7 has a bigger screen but $200+ more
  5. I'll have the boat out next week so I have to get working on it
  6. It has been two years and they work great and rival and other rigger I have used. Haven't used them in the salt but worked great in the upper lakes and Res. here in Washington State I put 48" arms on the and will be adding one down the middle this winter.
  7. I've had BigJon riggers in the past and they always had good service from them.
  8. Do a search in the Pacific North West where a lot of outboards are converted to a jet pump and there is a lot of lower units floating around
  9. I'm in the north west and there is a lot of sportjets here and it seems that they are getting away from them. They use a lot more fuel than a standard outboard.
  10. That is for sure. I don't drink or smoke. But I'm getting ready to build a off road buggy so this might get spendy
  11. Hi My name is Steve and I'm a tackle hoarder. The biggest problem with this is I have salmon in fresh and salt, bass,walleye,sturgeon,bottom fish and steelhead in the rivers so there is a lot of tackle to collect
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