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  1. Nice walleye report, it's been a while since I saw a good report with pics. Nice to see and hear the kids involved with a nice catch of walleyes, also nice web site with video. Best of luck the rest of the season, I think things will start to set up for us from here on in:thumb:PAP
  2. This is great news for the general public to know, as many people fear to buy lowrance products on the notion that customer service was poor to say the least! Linedancing has mention numerous time that they cleaned house in the customer service area, I for one was leary of buying a unit, but since I heard that customer service was much better, I bought a Lowrance unit this year, only because they came out with the Elite 7 which was in my budget and it does all the things the higher end units do. The only thing I was not happy with is comes with a 1 year warrenty, not much of a warrenty for a $800.00 unit, but hearing this new customer service program make me a little more at ease. I don't get out as often as most of you guys, so if it works 10 times this year that will be my warrenty, hopefully I have no problems, if not I hope it fails with in that time period.Thanks for bringing this info to our attention. PAP.
  3. Thanks guys, I will give them a call and see what they say, I will call them all and listen to what they have to say, maybe they will have a different idea, it does fit well, maybe they can duplicate what I have in new? See what happens. Thanks for the input PAP. Can't wait to fire the old girl up!!!!
  4. Hey guys, do you think if I sent mine to either one, that they would sew my seems up, the seems are starting to open up due to the threds are old and dry rotted, other wise the canvas is in good shape, the seem down the middle of the top, and the zippers are comming apart, I wish I could have a new one made, but here in the Poconos of PA. I can't find anyone who does such work, once I take it to Lake Ontario I will see if I can find someone to make me a new one, I will be in the Henderson Harbor area if someone knows anyone in that area that does that type of work, I will take it there. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks PAP
  5. I totally agree with Nailer, If you were a charter captain, and catching fish is you full time job, than the Smart Troll would be a tool and a right off, as far as a sportsman this whole sport of fishing is getting out of hand, these people are brain washing the sportsman into thinking you just have to get the newest, fastest, best of everything, and it's taking a toll on our wallets, buy not letting us just enjoy the day without worrying about where the next dollar is comming from for the next tank of fuel. Lets all take a deep breath, and think what did we do 20 years ago, we all caught fish and had a GOOD TIME!! Lets get back to the basics and enjoy the time we have with our friends and family, I don't know about all the tricks to the trade, and I don't have the need to be reeling in a fish every 10 minutes, when I'm out on the water with friends and family I'm on cloud 9, no phone ringing,nobody getting under my skin just having FUN!! Lets keep it that way.
  6. I thought Mathew was piping it was going to be less than the Fish Hawk? how about $200.00 more and up from the Hawk, now he wants you to bolt $150.00 probe on 30# line instead of 150# rigger cable, I guess I'll have to water my money tree more often, I guess I'll stick with plan A, 4xd Hawk, over a grand for the main system is WAY out of my buget!!! $700.00 for a Hawk is a ton of loot, maybe stick to the dive charts,like we did for years, and caught fish, High Teck = big money, just my two cents.
  7. Willfishforfood, Man I feel your pain, I, also can't wait till the pole tips are flying, Captian is hollering fish on, nets full of big browns Ect. Just wait, it will be here soon enough, than it gets to hot and the bugs Peckering the snot out of you!!
  8. This is a great thread, Just sit back and read what worked for you guys, I learned more from this thread than any other!! I made up a list of spoons, and I found out I already have some, The kevorkian purple, and hat trick, so I still need to purchase a few more,I know less is better, being a walleye guy I have lots of michigan stingers, and some time you get caught up in the color thing rather than watching the screen and paying attenchen to where the fish are. I also need to get some spin doctors and flashers, the new colors are way better than what I have, Keep posting guys&ladies I'm still learning THANKS ALOT, PAP.
  9. AWSOME buck SeaCat, I can't imagine what a rush it must of been to see that arrow go through that buck and getting out of your tree must have been tricky, being all that shook up knowing that a monster awaits you!!! and then a record buck yet, way to go guy!!! PAP.
  10. Thanks guys, I'll make a list up with the ones that were mentioned on here, and go from there, next question, do you run these spoons solo or do you run them behind a dodger or flasher, and whats your preferance on them, I ran flasher/fly combo's with success but I read that dodgers make noise when trolled and that attracts fish also, true or false, read it on a lure making web site, (Dream Weaver) Thanks pap.
  11. I would really be in the nees of new spoons, since my old ones are just OLD SCHOOL, If I were to buy 10 spoons to get me through the season from spring to fall, what colors, and why, and for what time of the season would I run these spoons, I thought about this question for a while, so to keep the spoon cost down,and the confusion at a min. I ask you guys for some help!!After I get more on the ball I will purchase more, but for now 10 should do the trick, I got this Idea when I saw a picture of spoons on this web. saying he used them spoons all year, I need to know what spoon at what time, meaning time of day or overcast or a seasonal differene, That would info would help me out very much. thanks guys PAP:thumb:
  12. I was just wondering what is the "go to" methood for catching lakers,I would like to (my uncle would like to catch a nice size laker) for his man room, he has a 13.75# walleye, 50 inch northern and would like a nice size laker to go on the wall. What type of lures, cow bells, ect to you guys use to catch these fish. Thanks PAP.
  13. Mathew did comment that it is not 'Torpedo Brand' He did go in to a little detail about (where we thought our coppers were running), saying that copper does fall fast thru the water column, it seems to find a depth after (10 minutes in the water) that it levels out. I don't want to say anymore about the copper because I'm not to shure I will get it right and don't want to mislead anyone! After reading it again it does read that you will be able to run 6 probes, I said 5 in my earlier post, thats a lot of info to moniter, but what a great feature!! Stay Tuned as I find out more I will post what I know! PAP
  14. Word has it that there is a new depth probe coming soon, aparently, it will first be seen at the lotsa show in march, there is a post on LOU web, by a member name Mathew, who has been testing this product for 7 years, it wil have multipul probes (5) that can be seen at the same time buy the units face,and also by a smart phone, from what I gather you can attach it to multi. line, copper,your dipseys and the rigger lines all reporting speed and temp. and depth on or at that line, no more guessing where you are in the water column,and it's supposed to to be less money than the fish hawk, so we will see what is to come, hopefully soon!!! PAP.
  15. Sherman,I feel your pain, I had the motor in and out 3 times till I had it right, and to this day, I'm not done, got the engine cover to put on all my rod holders to put on, and then pressure check her again on our local lake make shure she is LakeO' ready, hopefully by walleye season!!! I paid for 2 years registration, the new one just came the other day and still didn't wet a line out of her yet. Let keep our fingers crossed!! PAP
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