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  1. Checked and shows no sent messages, I hit reply button typed message and hit submit message and they are not sending evidently.
  2. Why does it not show that I have sent PM's but shows incoming only? I'm not sure if my PM's are being sent.
  3. Possible I found a church board one Memorial day weekend that managed to make it to Ludington in 2 weeks from when it was lost.I called the number on the board and the captain was surprised to hear it made it that far and that fast as he was fishing south of Grand Haven when he broke it off on a fish.
  4. Thanks Ed got the same email yesterday wasn't sure how to post it , I'm technologically challenged. I wish they would get their story straight one time there all removed now their back.
  5. Maybe they can pass a petition around to take up a collection to pay for all of the personal property the Badger damaged historically!
  6. After having engine problems Saturday morning made it out in the evening and Sunday morning. Caught 14 fish both days fishing north of Big Sable point over half of our hit came on moonshine blue jeans some on moonshine green jeans also took fish Yeck fireball and Yeck Jerrid spoons. The best spin doctor bite was on a blue bubble with a blue bubble fly.
  7. P- line came out with some very good ball bearing coast lock swivels 3years ago and I used to run only Sampo and have run the P-line swivels without 1 problem or failure.
  8. Good job lots of fish between Pentwater and Manistee right now
  9. No you are still required to have a license for each person and you are paying for the opportunity to catch fish not the actual fish.The charters don't charge buy the pound for fish caught just a flat fee for a fishing experience.
  10. According to the contractor there is one net left at 52.60 and 32 line as of last weekend but there may be parts of nets not located.
  11. I was told that it is the last net they have to retrieve that is marked but that does not mean there might not be pieces of net still around.Fishing still remains hot from south to north of Ludington
  12. There has been a lot of captains who have given imformation on this site as well as the average Joe's.Please don't feel the need to come on here and act like a Richard there is another site where people act like fools towards others if you wish to go there.This has to be the most civil forum I have seen and I quit going to the other site as to many buffoons showed up there.
  13. I run spin doctors almost exclusively on my coppers and never have a problem with line twist, make sure your using good quality swivels or you will get line twist with any rotator.
  14. X2 Great to have fun with the kids and throw in a win. Makes you wonder how the boats loaded only with pro adults feel to get spanked by some kids!
  15. Just a observation BLL spoons while wearing a Dreamweaver shirt ? Dreamweaver makes some great spoons and spin doctors!
  16. Lots of bait in Ludington offshore.
  17. Good job Ed we have been seeing some nice kings the past week or so.
  18. X2 I've run slide diver since they came out and love that I can run any length lead I want and not handline fish in when running meat rigs or paddle flies.
  19. I fished north of big sable point towards gurney creek Weds and ended up 3 for 6 all kings.I lost 2 15 pd plus fish after they decided to run under the only other board I had out, its hard to control the bigger kings when using 9 foot ugly sticks and 12 pd test line but had a blast for the few hours I got to fish. Browns and kings are still in less than 30 feet rapalas were my best, plan to be out again this weekend in my little boat.
  20. My friends and I always say the closer to the camera you have to hold the fish the better chance of hiding the liar holding it! LOL:lol:
  21. Thanks Terry I slip my boat in Ludington all year and wish Captain Chucks would carry a bigger selection of mini streaks, I have picked mine up at the shows or at Big Papas like you mentioned just thought there might be a store along the way I could pick up a few Im short on.
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