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  1. I have Catalina's and they have the best drag of any of the reel I have ever used smooth and no stalling. If you buy Shimanos and use the fore grip with thier linecounters be prepared for the counter to hit your wrist if you pump the rod. Poor ergonomic design IMO.
  2. City marina and Harborview in Ludington have had grinders since they opened ! Both launches have grinders open seasonally.
  3. Why do I see a Chinese banner written in Chinese at top of the page some times?
  4. Nice clean looking boat and I'm sure you will enjoy the extra room !
  5. You have to remember warm water is the most biologically productive for zooplankton to feed in and wheres theres plankton will be alewives and the predator fish.
  6. Nice work I know fishing was hot in Ludington over the weekend, good to hear of great catches to bad season has to end soon.
  7. I fish Ludington and agree with Supertramp that there is a good offshore fall fishery but weather is a issue.I usually fish till mid October but weather is a crap shoot.
  8. The horn as we have always called it is the ledge between the two areas that are circle on the chart. It is a ridge that protrudes out as you take a westerly course out of the harbor. It creates a lot of current deflection with north and south winds being the most pronounced.
  9. A friend of mine said he saw some flexseal in a store on sale in Ludington thought they would of gave that a shot LOL
  10. Dennis if you look at a chart of Ludington you will see a finger like bottom contour that projects out into deep water just about straight out of the harbor into deep ware. It forms dish like depressions to the north and south of it. I have heard to it refered to as the horn for ages.
  11. Good job Dennis nice to meet you and would like to say how nice of you to help out my neighbor with his boat issues especially when you didn't even know him.
  12. Google grant money given to the Badger and you will see they have received public grant money over the years so yes both have received public assistance.
  13. I was out fishing the evening the accident took place and there was fog to the south about 3 miles friends of mine who came in at the same time reported visibility of at least 2 miles coming in fro the north.The law requires all commercial vessels that have radar to use it at all times so why was he just supposedly turning it on while running in the dark? I have known the captain of the boat for years and know he is technologically challenged when it comes to electronics.Even if his equipment failed he should of reduced his speed and tried to orientate himself as to exactly where he was. I have seen many boats over my 35+ years of being a slip holder in Ludington crash the walls and I personally believe that they get fixatated on the lights of the stub piers and that's how they end up in trouble. Just a another example of people not following the basic tenants of boating rules of the road which state when operating in reduced visibility you should also reduce your speed.
  14. I think instead of spending money on lobbyist the badger should use the money to figure out how to quit polluting our waters and the issue would quite down .Everyone I know loves the boat but hates the pollution it produces.
  15. The captain in question should of had his radar on as required by law when operating in restricted visibility and also required on commercial vessels.
  16. Good job on the fish it's nice we don't have the nets to contend with for now.
  17. Nothing like western USA so much to see and a sportsmans paradise.
  18. Good job nothing better than having kids catching fish.
  19. I ran braid and wire divers side by side for a couple of years and both run about the same depth ratio so if you can find a chart for wire that should answer your question.
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