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  1. Get a bottle of mapp gas from your local hardware store it gets a lot hotter than propane.I helped a friend with the same problem and heated it well along with hitting it with a small sledge hammer and it finally came out after about 20 minutes.I applied the heat to the receiver not the hitch, good luck.
  2. 1) 39 assorted body baits $100.00 2) 17 thin fins $30.00 3) 16 Dodgers $30.00 4) spoon blanks with #1 hooks $100.00 * 72 dream weaver * 24 flutter spoon SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED FOR ITEMS Contact Gordie @ (586)917-5319 text or call
  3. * 28 #5's * 40 + #4's * Witch Doctor Plugs * Like new condition *** Asking $200.00 (shipping not included) ****Contact Gordie @ (586)917-5319 text or call
  4. Has this boat been primarily used in fresh water?I know of a lot of people who purchased saltwater boats and had a lot of problems with corrosion on electrical components.
  5. I only run 2 when needed and no steering problems but with 2 boat is alittle more fickle.
  6. Yep a even bigger boat to store more stuff!
  7. I agree a few more rpms keeps good oil pressure and would rather burn a dollar or two more gas than a motor or two.
  8. Matt I have run 36inch bags off my 31 tiara but switch to 48 inch bags when waves are over 3 foot I would believe 48 inch bags would work best for all conditions on your boat.
  9. I have better luck with shorter leads off the riggers when in rough water as it make the lures dart more erratically IMO. I also shorten leads on my slide divers and found to have the same results as the riggers,just what has worked for me.
  10. I have 2 rods that are set up just with braid for deep fish, both are 10 ft diawa heartland rod with okuma catalina reels. When the fish go deep I run spinnies and flys or spinnies with meat rigs and use the 2 torpedo diver set up to reach fish down to about 300 ft. When running a deep spread I will only run 2 low divers, 1 deep chute rigger and the other 2 braid rods to fish the deep fish. I will still run my other program to target fish in the normal temp zone. I have caught kings in 35-39 degree water down 100+ from the spring thru the fall.
  11. The yellow haze was great last year with a uv on ice or froggie meat rig.
  12. Call them direct they can let you know who may have what your looking for. They may also sell you some if your looking for more than just 1 or 2 pieces of a particular color.
  13. Wondered if you got my PM's for some reason they are showing as not being sent.
  14. Check out the herring strips on Batrixs website and you wont have to deal with any mess.Ive heard many people say its the scent of the herring that makes the fish bite so I propose a question.Why do salmon bite on metal spoons or flies behind flashers because of the smell of them or there lure action?
  15. Can anyone tell me where to get the code for the salmon showdown?
  16. Once the kings show up in Ludington usually in May I will start running a few meat rigs on low divers .I have run the artificial bait strips made by Batrix out of Canada for years now and my catch rate is as good or better than some I know who run herring and no mess or smell to deal with they also last forever.
  17. no problem running a 10 color core with spinnie next to 300 copper just make sure the core is on the outside position, have many time had out a all spin doctor program out on riggers,divers, and copper,cores same with paddles.
  18. I have only run slide divers since they came out. I run them with 40# power pro and put a 30ft leader of big game on them, you will get the same depth with them as you will running a wire diver setup.I have run both and used a gtm to record their depths and they run almost identical.I have never used the tubing or spring that comes with them and also found you can't run fluorocarbon as the diver will cheat its way down the line as flouro is slicker than mono. Another advantage is when you run meat rigs or flasher fly setups you can let the diver slide down to the flasher and not need a extra person to handline the fish in.
  19. Wow that's crazy just shows how tough those deer are!
  20. Why not just use torpedo divers and accomplish the same thing. I have used my shorter coppers and added torpedo divers to the and effectively turned 150 coppers into 400 or longer coppers with only the need for 300 feet of line out. I started doing this years ago as I decided I didn't want to torture my friends or myself reeling in miles of line. What I have done as of last year is set up 2 rods just with braid for when I need to get deep and run the large torpedo divers and use 2 of them spaced according to how deep I am targeting. I'm still able to reach extreme depths and not need to have more than 400 feet of line out.
  21. Looks like a tasty dinner to me.
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