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  1. I love a sharpe nife. Allot safer and easier to work with. My brother and I use two medium forchners that have some flex. We have tried most sharpeners out there including what dave showed everyone. What Dave suggested used to be what worked for us, but we now use a simple sharpener by Rada. It is just Two stainless steel washers on a plastic stand you pull the knife through. It cuts metal of the knives and leaves a kind of rough razer edge. It lasts about 7-10 fish and you just hit it again a few pulls with less pressure each time. Cost like 8 bucks. Easy and fast. I have my parents get them in Florida or sometimes get them from a lady who sells Rada Knifes in Harrison, MI at the flee market. Keep several in the kitchen at home too. Once you use you would have to stick with it because it cuts the blade pretty good.
  2. 20 dollar Medium/heavy wilderness rods with twilly tip. No problems 4 years and good action for low divers. 10.5' old school charters choice with twillys for highs and good also. Fished with my Tiara once as an observer and saw a diawa super expensive diver roller rod break off 3-4 times same morning. Not sure why but twilly tips seam economical and work. Spend money on real:D:thumb:
  3. I cannot tell you exactly how mine is set up, but I have a proline with two large in floor fish boxes. They are both connected to a macerator pump mounted in front of the engine in the bilge.This slowly pumps down all the nasty fish slime and wash water to a side discharge with I think a check ball. Kinda like a scupper drain. I have looked into this pump cost and they are not cheep. Mine boat is a 1995 and the pump is still a working ariginal. I will replace the hoses when I get the chance to thourgh Yours may have had one and then it was not replaced if it went bad.
  4. I also rely mostly on aces Highs and spoons. Do get some line twist with the Spin doctors and havent really tried large or small paddles. I know a flasher and fly or meat program on everything is run allot by many good captains. I am going to try and develope a better program with paddles or echips and see if it makes a difference over the spinnys. I nodiced allot on videos from tournaments and from comments in seminars. I also need a bigger boat and money tree to keep up with all the Equipment:grin:
  5. Hey Guys I am new to this forum, but have been fishing salmon for over 30 yrs, mostly Manistee. Everyone has thier go to flashers for riggers, divers and cores or coppers. What seems to be best on the coppers and cores for most of you guys? I seem to prefer larger spin doctors lately on everything. They creat lots of twist though on the copper leaders. I see lots of video of pro chips and small paddles on copper out there. Are they better, less spin? Do you lean towards meat or flys also? Lets here what you prefer and Why?
  6. I have used the 10" for years. I like that it still has a little flex and is easier to handle. After trying many differant sharpeners we use only Rada nives sharpeners. They cut a fast razor like edge and are easy to use and keep with your cleaning stuff. The sharpener is just two stainless washers on a square holder that you run the nife through. You can see the metal shavings come of the blade after just a few strokes. They cost only about 7.00. I usually get mine in Harrison, Mi. at a flee market were a lady sells Rada nives.
  7. I spray vinyl alot for custom jigs and a few things that help are; 1. Mix the vinyl thinner and paint 50/50 to get consistent spraying. 2. I think i use a single stage sprayer with the larger tip and constantly adjust to get good flow with out clogging the tip. If you have the tip to constricting it will lead to cob webbing in the air and faster buildup in the tip. 3. Use a cheap laquer thinner to clean after every color or when you notice any buildup. 4. At the very least use a good dust mask, but one for vapors is better. I use an automotive thinner to paint, and it is i think faster drying. I will look up what it is and post it later. It is kinda pricey but one can will last a long time.
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