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  1. I have one that I bought from Priority that I no longer need, bought a new boat with all the bells and whistles. PM me for details if you are interested
  2. I neglected to give recognition to the big king of the tournament, shame on me. Big king was 17.45. Props to my friends on team Shakers for that nice fish.
  3. Lots of good fish brought to the scales last weekend. The ladies tournament was won with a 5 fish box totaling 63 pounds-all lake trout. There was a 21.45 pound laker in the Am division as well as a 16 pound steelhead. I didn't fish the main tournament, just the 333 but we brought in a 13.65 pound brown while putting together a box to capture 4th place. It certainly was a mixed weekend. Everyone seemed to have one good day of fishing and another of nearly nothing.
  4. I was pleasantly surprised when we landed that one. I'm hoping this is a positive sign for this season. I would like to have that box in a tournament. Right at 50 pounds for 4 fish.
  5. All kings on my boat. One 15# laker I heard of and a couple browns around the 10# mark.
  6. We fished in the Tight Lines for Troops event this weekend and was pleasantly surprised with the fish that came in One boat brought 11 fish to the scales and numerous 4 to 6 fish boxes. Fortunately for my boat, the COHO, this was a big fish tournament. My box of 4 fish had the winner in it at 16.35 pounds. I also had a 14 and a 12 pounder. Encouraging results for this early and the cold water.
  7. I would love to fish with you but I am in Tight Lines this Friday and Saturday. Wish you the best in finding someone and in the tourney.
  8. Crud, if I hadn't already paid all my fees and started the ball rolling I would apply. Wish you luck in finding a captain. Have a safe summer.
  9. Thanks Frank, no rush on my end. I pm'd you with my email address. Have a great day. Gene
  10. Thanks Frank. The only reason I asked is my current "main" computer is getting ready to die so I thought that I would move my current backup unit into service and then maybe get one of your units as my "backup" which is my travel computer that I use when I teach classes (scuba), short videos but no gaming. That was the only concern that I had regarding the tech specs. Thank again. What would you be asking for the cf 31 unit you described?
  11. Frank, couple questions and I apologize if I missed this from another post. What are the tech specs on this/these units. Processor speed, RAM, HD size, approximate battery life. I like the idea of this but need more info. Thanks Gene
  12. Where are you located so we can estimate shipping? Thanks Gene
  13. Do you still have the reels for sale?

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