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    I cought my first salmon in the mid 70's. My Dad ran a a charter boat out of Ludington for years
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    Potterville Mi
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    Fishing , building streetrods
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    build and install testing equipment

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  1. I agree check out the engine, I am running the same engine on my 21' idles down I can run 1.8 and smooth. Bags are great to keep on board for that emergency
  2. Yes thanks Ed. Funny thing is that is the water I was fishing Saturday morning, I can say I missed them. This weekend I will go north or south. Thanks again, good luck all
  3. Thanks Gordon. I will make it up this weekend to fish Saturday and with any luck we won't find any net parts and put some fish in the box, I will mark that spot and stear clear from Thanks and good luck I will let you all know if I find anything else out this weekend
  4. Thanks for the link Ed, I couldn't find that link on there site this year, so thank you. I had heard he was going to be put away thats to bad the state has to pick up his mess I hope they can charge him for the experience. Also it will be nice to fish without nets around. Did they find and remove all known nets or still in the process?
  5. Does anyone know if the trap nets are still in the same locations as last year I have not seen anything on them this year
  6. Thanks guys, I hope to give back good reports from the lake this year. I take up the boat on the 6th. Good luck and be safe this season
  7. Sad to inform you all Captain Jerry Lee of Sea Screw Charters has lost his battle with cancer on May 24 2014. Great guy, he will be missed. Read more at www.ludingtonsalmon.com
  8. Yes it was parked right next to Thumper (RIP) good guy
  9. Joined a few months ago thought I better say hi, and a little about myself, My dad got me started like alot of people then he started a charter boat in the mid 80's Adventure 1 out of Ludington, he sold the boat in 05 and last year we went in together and bought another boat we park it in Ludington at the campground I park my trailer up there for the summer he makes it up and stays for a month some of you may know Captain Don he is doing well fishing got cut short last year for him but he will be back this summer. Have not named the boat yet but it is a 21' Celebrity cuddy we installed 2 big jon brutes some rod holders and put on a arch this winter. The boat had 310 hours on it, just broke in, Hope to post on the fly from the lake play by play I hope others do the same good luck, fish safe, send me a pm if you are in Ludington stop by the campfire
  10. Nice, When I worked for Roush we did alot of work for Ford, the last one I worked on was the GT we made alot of scrap in the test cells but in the end that was a great engine in the end...nice car have fun.
  11. I have ran rubber bands with big jon band busters for a long time
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