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  1. X2 Also if I didn't catch it it couldn't possibly weigh that much LOL.
  2. You will get the same depth out of braid as you do wire so unless you like wire why change. I got rid of my wire years ago and see no advantage in using wire and my catch rate hasn't changed on my divers.
  3. Charter boat Katch Me Captain Sean McDonald put a 35.9# king in the boat yesterday to be the largest king registered in the port so far this year.
  4. Yes run your high diver in the front holders and you can run them with the rings on them also I usually run my low divers on 1 or 1.5.
  5. I don't think people are bashing anyone ,but it seems that these tournaments are seeing more and more people that have money buying boats that will outrun everyone to give them a leg up on the competition.There are at least a half dozen of them who fish the tournaments regularly if you want a fair tournament why not impose radius of how many miles one can fish from the given port to level the playing field?
  6. All in the name of proving they are the greatest fisherman on the lake!
  7. My neighbor at the marina had the 30.75 big king at the Manistee tournament this past weekend , I fished tuesday morning and had 2 23 pound kings and 1 25 pound king out of the 8 fish we took. If the water ever sets up may need a bigger cooler with the size of the fish this year.
  8. I would say its just the fishing is a lot slower this year not so much the. Change from mono to braid IMO
  9. I wondered why I havent seen them out much this year hope he resolves his issues or at least closes the nets off from fishing if they aren't going to be checking them regularly.
  10. The launch is not free if you notice there is a pay box there if you don't pay you may receive a ticket as its enforced by Ludinton police dept also there are nets south in front of the projects as shallow as 45 feet you may wish to go to Captain Chucks website and print out a copy of the locations.
  11. By the sounds of it using 60 pd copper just sound like a meat fishing setup why not just put a smaller cannonball on a rigger with a leader and winch them in?
  12. Best of luck spending time with your kids will make your trip a success in its self
  13. Appears to be a channel catfish based on color and how small it's mouth is but nice cat none the less.
  14. The tournament had the most 20 # plus fished ever weighed since the start of the tournament trail.Better beef up the tackle for the next 2 months.
  15. Great idea but just a better way to lose 30-50 dollars of tackle quicker IMO
  16. Correct but I think the point is when there is that much difference on your own units and the down speed is that much faster you are trolling with the current
  17. Most likely you were trolling with the current which will cause you to have to run a lot faster to get the correct speed 5 mph seems alittle high but I've had time here in Ludington where the current is ripping and had to go 4 mph sog to get 2.5 at the ball
  18. When on someone else's boat I do as they wish as I'm a guest would you go over to a friends house and tell them how they should run it or organize it?
  19. I start with a 50 foot leader so it can be trimmed back as it gets nicked
  20. Took the wife and her family for an evening fishing trip went 7 for 13 caught 1 coho and 6 kings with 2 being over 20 pounds and the others 5-10 pounds. Caught fish on DW super slim riverside, lemon ice and yeck jerid spoons, and 1 of the bigger kings on a white double pearl spin doctor with big weenie artic blast fly.
  21. A couple of the greatest charter captains I know believe 3 hooks on a lure will catch more the one but to each his own pleasure.
  22. So i suppose you drive 4 hours round trip to buy lottery tickets? My point is the easier it is for people to register fish the greater the participaction would be most people I know aren't going to waste a day of fishing if they are only up for the weekend and have to spend half a day traveling to register a fish that may or may not win $ 15000.00 better off to go to the local store and buy a lottery ticket for all the expense to drive that far.
  23. Are you working on any northern michigan weigh station in Ludington, Manistee area? To far of a drive from either of those ports to Benton Harbor.
  24. If you are fishing near another boat at times you may see interferences from the other boats similar to what you are showing due to frequency interference from thier graph or any other equipment that is sending a pulse thru a transducer.
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