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  1. I found Jims website it is towers unlimited of west michigan he is in zeeland mi.
  2. I also own a 31 tiara and had a custom rocket launcher made for my boat by a man named Jim Dearborn who lives in either holland or grand rapids . You wont find a better looking rocket launcher anywhere and I knoew for years he was the person doing all of tiaras custom fabrications. I dont have his number but I believe if you look up his name you should be able to find it or call tiara and I'm sure they can give it to you also if I remember correctly he was listed as towers unlimiteed. Hope this helps.
  3. the dreamweaver uv light sells for 10- 15 dollars and works phenominally
  4. I have personally used all the mention reels but have used the okuma catalina reels for several years and believe they have the smooothest drag system.I would rate the tekotas 2nd and find them ergonomicly incorrect if you use a pumping motion when reeling fish in, unless you dont use the fore grip on your rod the line counter is constantly hitting you in the wrist this is just my 2 cents
  5. I have used them all but the okuma catalina is my reel of choice best drag system of all reels mentioned the tekotas second but they are not ergonomiclly designed if you pump the rod in fighting a fish and use the fore grip the line counter smacks your wrist everytime just my 2 cents
  6. If thats the biggest issue you have on any given day you should count your blessings and hopefully get a life.
  7. I say the two biggest factors are speed and current direction, I've found that many times if your trolling direction is off 5-10 degrees either going into or with the current is the difference between great fishing or slow fishing.Also a sub surface probe ( depth raider , fish hawk) will tell you when you are truely running with or against the current, but the simplest wat to tell is when all your gear tracks straight. You willfind many times that trolling straight into the waves or with them is not completely following the current flow. Hope this helps alittle.
  8. I've been using slide divers since the day they came out, I have always used 30#line and never had a problem. As Matt said i now run 40# power pro and splice a 30 ft leader of 30# big game on. I've tried using about every brand of florocarbon but the diver wants to cheat down the line . Check the brass for knicks as others have stated.
  9. I have slipped a boat in lundington for over 30 years and it is a rare year to not see at least one boat crash into the break walls. It always boils down to operator error and amazes me that people fail to understand the basic laws of navigation with the one of when traveling in conditions of limited visibilty ex. fog ,nighttime to reduce speed accordingly , hopefully all parties involved recover .
  10. I think comparing the 2 lakes is like comparing apples to oranges . The biggest factor is lake michigan does not have to account for millions of walleye roaming the lake . I believe the DNR did the right thing along with all the other bordering in reducing the fish plants if you have a predator prey relationship were the predatoors outweigh the prey you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out whats going to happen.If you get a chance in the winter attend a sea grant meeting and learn how the lakes are being managed and get the information to make a sound decision about where the lakes are headed.
  11. Run slide divers and you can run any length lead behind your diver you wantand dont have to worry about handlining fish in the last few feet.
  12. Isnt this like closing the gate now the horse is out ?
  13. try running slide divers as you can drop your leads back and that helps the diver bite.
  14. I slip a boat in ludington and have used the moonshine plugs from the day they came out . I've had my best luck running them off my cores or copper and they do work off the riggers and divers, but I have found they work better when 30- 50 ft behind the ball or slide diver. The colors that produce in spoon colors also work well on the plugs.
  15. I personally used some 3m 5200 caulk and it has worked on my auto stop bead for 2 years now I alse use a clincher terminal at the end where the ball attaches
  16. Its about time the badger becomes a responsible business and quits polluting the great lakes . Its crazy that the owners finanical well being of a millionare owner should trump the needs of the lakes as a whole .Its easy to see that further dumping of thier ash in the lake is detrimemtal to our health if you need further proof just look at all the fish comsumption advisories because of this careless disregard for the great lakes by rich businessmen. Please contact your represenative to voice your opposition to this senseless pollution.
  17. Captain Chucks in ludington weighed a 32.2 pd king last weekend also saw a few 23-27 pd fish caught
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