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  1. Kevin, there are certainly a few components of the "Consent Decree" which are amendments of the Treaty of 1836, that we as fishermen can take issue with and try to effect. Mandatory Lake Trout stocking (lake wide) at elevated levels would be one of them. Amending the Treaty of 1836, which includes the definition of Treaty Waters, would take an act of Congress. This has not been a position proposed by Tribes in the past. Those are two very different and distinct items, and probably could have been worded better when promoting/advertising the tournament. There is virtually no chance of changing tribal territory waters defined in the Treaty of 1836, to include waters south of the Grand River. There is a high probability of groups such as the Holland Steelheaders in changing definitions and terms of the "Consent Decree" which would/could impact stocking decisions, quota's, fishery management decisions and so forth. Those changes could even be introduced and acted upon right now, through a federal injunction by a federal judge, if any party, including the Holland Steelheaders, felt that the current Consent Decree (of 2000) is negatively impacting their or their members fishing experience. We look forward to working with the Steelheaders and all Lake Michigan fishermen in the next couple of years to influence negotiations and outcomes of the 2020 Consent Decree to protect our fishery.
  2. The Grand River is the southern most boundary point of treaty waters. There is virtually no possibility of tribes ever being able to set nets south of the Grand FYI.
  3. Just two days left on the 15% sale.....and we added FREE SHIPPING! Have a safe and happy New Years!
  4. 15% discount on Line & Leader only at bloodruntackle.com good through January 1. Use the discount code HOLIDAY at checkout. Not valid for pre spooled reels, planer boards, clothing, stainless pins, line bundles, etc. Merry Christmas to all!
  5. Not to get involved in what brand is best (we are biased) we can comment on the color question. We have run every imaginable color in both our tournament and flee line just to gauge it's reaction to UV, etc with the dye. We can say with a good amount of certainty that line color does not seem to affect bites vs non bites...at least on Great Lakes waters with average clarity. There are days in gin clear (we call it black water) that it would probably make a difference, but any water with stain/tint/color to it, line color does not make a difference. Guys get wound up tight about fluoro vs non fluoro. Fluoro is not used on Great Lakes or inland lake waters for "stealth" due to the above (stain color). We use it for its properties of abrasion resistance, stiffness, and other attributes that make it superior to most mono in many situations (meat rigs, fly leaders, diver leaders, copper leaders, sliders) Fluoro "stealth" properties were intended for Saltwater where you can see sometimes hundreds of feet (high clarity). So you should not worry too much about line color impacting fishing results. Line color does matter above the water to see lines crossing, dark days, early/late daylight, etc.
  6. Grant, it is not about how easy it is to slap them off after you have 15 yards of rope on your line. It is about avoiding them in the first place, so you don't have 15 yards of rope on your line, tripping your releases, extensive blow back, clogging up your line guides so you cant reel your fish in, rolling onto your reel and creating weak spots in your regular mono (flea acid) and coming up into the boat and staining your fiberglass. There is a huge band of fleas 30-40 feet down off Holland right now. We ran our Sea Flee against regular mono. Regular mono was yards of rope, Sea Flee was and inch or two of thin collection near the swivel.
  7. Blood Run started making Sea Flee line two seasons ago, and it has been very successful. Particularly in Lake O and Finger Lakes which have the worst fleas on the planet. The Outdoorsmen Pro Shop in Jenison is the only local dealer that has this in stock in Michigan. Clear and Niagara Green color...30lb test. And it is round, not oblong shaped like Flee Flicker was.. http://instagram.com/p/qXh8x8nlV7/?modal=true
  8. Np Fowl. Always something new to learn and share about the game. Good luck out there.
  9. When we did the dive charts, we did put a couple of flashers out on 45lb and 32lb. Standard size Spin Doctors had a small bit of "lift" on the numbers. When you put an 11" paddle out, we saw up to 15 feet of lift. The amount of lift was the same for both sizes of copper. The only copper capable of holding down flashers is 60lb. 45lb copper is only 6 thousandths of an inch larger in diameter than 32lb copper, and .5 lb heavier (300' spools). A half pound bigger sounds like a lot, but when stretched out over 300 feet..it just is not that big of a difference. If you had a 1.5lb weight snapped to a 100 foot piece of mono, and a 1lb weight snapped to another 100 foot piece of mono, both snapped in the same place...the 1.5lb would have a noticeably greater angle of descent. If you dispersed that weight differential over 300 feet (like copper line), not so much.
  10. Second page of this document will get you in the ballpark on the 320gti, figure about 50 yards less backer than the 330 gti. Both reels, particularly the Magda is a bit on the small size for any decent length of copper.. http://www.bloodruntackle.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/CopperDiveChart.pdf
  11. Congrat's to GLF's very own Capt Don Johnson and his team Fishsniffer who took the Pro Div 1st Place in the Grand Haven Offshore Challenge. Don't know all the details yet, but he fished with his kids and a friend and was the only pro boat to take 12 fish both days. Awesome job. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201940850550438&set=a.3310649692633.2143236.1459848027&type=1&relevant_count=1
  12. Hey everyone, we have updated our Reel Fill charts for all of our coppers (32lb, 45lb, 60lb) and our Copper Backing Line. We made a few changes on previous numbers to make them more accurate, as well as adding reel fill data for the Daiwa Seagates and Penn Squalls. These figures should get you real close when spooling up. Figure on 30' of leader.. We will be doing performance reviews for both of those reels in the coming weeks and will post results. http://www.bloodruntackle.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/CopperDiveChart.pdf http://www.bloodruntackle.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/BloodRunWalleyeCopperDiveChartDepthCurve.pdf
  13. We want to wish everyone great success this weekend, weather looks like it should be okay. If you have not fished out of Holland/Saugatuck so far this year, things should be pretty straight forward for this weekends event. Brown trout are loaded on the beach from 6-15 feet of water from Port Sheldon right down south of Saugatuck. Flat line J-9 jointed rapalas (clown has been good) and short (30') coppers with mini silver streaks in gold/chartreuse/orange have been hot. You will get the occasional coho and stray king in there as well..maybe a steelhead too. If you slide out to 40-65 foot there are plenty of lake trout. Not sure what the rules are on trout, but if you put out a 200' 32lb copper with a magnum lemonberry Silver Streak you will have all the lake trout you can handle. There may also be some stray kings cruising out in this depth as well. If anyone is struggling for some reason on Saturday, give us a call and we can help you out at 616-439-0438. We will be out down near Saugatuck. Good luck! - Team Blood Run
  14. Lee you might want to consider checking out our Sea Flee premium monofilament if you are going to be fishing Lake Ontario. Lake O is known for pretty bad flea's come summertime, and our Sea Flee line has proven itself as a great all season line, that won't collect fleas! Our standard is 30lb clear, we are field testing a 20lb, and working on a 30lb green as well. Our purple tournament mono is also a top choice for an all season line. There are a number of dealers in NY, send us an email and we can get you in touch with one of them to spool your reels up. Team Blood Run
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