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  1. Seems like your getting ahead of your self, or just trolling. Why don’t you put some time in casting spoons or plugs ant post some pics of how you do?
  2. Salmon spawning run timing is about more than water temp. The timing is often more biologic imperative than water temp. By early September some fish will move into water temps that may nearly kill them. Those fish way out of temp will bite lures early morning until the “big ugly” comes over the horizon. The break point for me is about 65 degrees. Sun’s up I’m out. If it’s cooler I will continue to fish bait, cut, dead, frozen. If it’s all I can get. Ales always over Gizzards.
  3. Q1: lures in low light warm water, live ales in cooler water when available. Skein under bobbers as the water cools; though spoons and spinners drop off; plugs are still worth throwing. Q2: glow 3/4 oz spoons account for more king salmon than all other pier spoons combined. Q3: kings are not as line shy as steelhead (but 2lb tends to be more about ego than fish), but on piers I rarely push above 10 anyway. In rivers fishing spawn and bobbers I typically run 12. I know guys who fish flouro leaders testing 20. Q4: in general, I fish whenever I can, but if water temps are poor; I’m considerably less anxious. I worry less about bait in the fall than spring and summer.
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2021/09/excavator-meant-to-free-submerged-barge-now-stuck-itself-just-off-lake-michigan-shoreline.html%3foutputType=amp so today’s trivia question…. how long would this take to fix on the south side beach? Lol.
  5. but 60 feet down in 120 feet was el fuego….. bet they go by in a sprint this year. No staging in reach…
  6. Exactly. Those were early runners. Never seen them drifting down in numbers before.
  7. adult coho dying in the heat at Grand Haven
  8. Trigger on downrigger rods gets in the way.
  9. In the lower grand. A fair amount of frog water and not a lot of structure in the areas I've been in. Good luck.
  10. Might want to consider roping up a bit a couple of x-tra pound test both in leader and mainline. The by-product of this slightly higher water year is the bales of beach grass we will be facing this fall.
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