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  1. Hey you try growing up fishing every saturday on Lake Michigan, having two smokers constantly full of fresh fish and then moving to North Carolina where the nearest salmon fillet is 50 miles away and a 15lb king cost the equivalent of $60+tax and that's for farm raised...$27.99 a lb for non-farm raised. Guess I could order from alaska, but would rather have something from the big lake. :-) I think the work junkie is pretty accurate. I am learning to fly fish, hoping maybe a close substitute would be smoked brookies or a brown.... never tried smoking trout except small lakers...
  2. I grew up in Holland and I took for granted how easy it was (relatively speaking) to bag a few kings on a saturday morning and have them in the smoker that afternoon. Now I live in North Carolina...and one farm raised fillet at costco will run me $30.00 and it's gone in one sitting. I remember how much fish was wasted by those who fished and didn't like fish, or just had a freezer full of it already.... Is it legal to trade items for fresh caught salmon... I'm just saying I've a timeshare I never use that it would be great to trade it or something else of value for a few overnight kings once in awhile? The regulations say buy or sell, they don't say trade or barter? any thoughts? thanks!
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