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  1. My experience is about a 2 to 1 ratio for divers set on 1 and a 3 to 1 ratio with diver set on 3 . That's what I have found to be close and all I run is braid on my divers.
  2. It's a shame to see people suffer from depression and not be able to understand thier struggle .
  3. You are correct Mike I had a captains license in the past and could not agree more .Coast guard regulations permit you to run white lights in the aft of the boat and there is no mention of restriction in illumination brightness but should not impair the ability of others to navigate such as a directional spotlight. Running a boat with anything that restricts your ability to see in the dark is dangerous. My point is that as a approaching vessel the ability to see them I would rather see a boat with spreader lights on then no lights or covered stern light which limits the someone approaching from the stern to see them.
  4. I would rather see a boat well lit than those without lights I have had several close calls over the years without lights. I have been behind boats with a lot of lights on and can avoid looking at them or go around them but hard to avoid something you can't see.
  5. Hey guys I have noticed in recent years a lot of boats that have swim platforms using them to hold thier coolers but the problem is many are covering thier stern lights which make the boats almost impossible to see in the dark from the stern. Please remember not to cover your stern light or place another visible light somewhere in the rear of the boat . Good luck and be safe.
  6. 3-4 pounds of tension will allow you to trip your rods by just a quick snap of the rod like most other releases.Just like a dipsy will release when set correctly and yet not false release when trolling.
  7. I dont think loading the rod sets the hook either it the amount of tension the releases applies to get good hook penetration, but the sooner you can get the slack out of the line sure helps in keeping fish on.
  8. Dan Iset the top part of the release at 3-4 pds you can use a spring scale and keep setting untill you get the release to open from the top at this weight of pull,you should have the bottom screwed all the way in to set the top first.Its is just like a dipsy you will get the feel if your not using a scale. The first thing I did to the bottom was take a small file and put a small groove in the brass knob so I would have a reference line so when i adjusted it I could tell how many turns or how far i rotated it. With that done I have backed off the bottom 2 complete turns which means I am using the 3 pd setting and has worked great with spoons and spin doctors and flies. For pulling meat rigs I'm going to try running them all way to the magnet at 4 pds of pull. I will say mine have worked as advertised and almost all the fish that have hit on the downriggers hav had the hooks buried in thier mouth. Hope this helps .
  9. Picked up Some chamberlains and can say work better than blacks.
  10. They will show up the core tempature of the lake is the coldest it's been in years.
  11. They have been in Ludington for quite some time and a good mix of year classes.
  12. Good job Ed the offshore fishing has been on fire this year !
  13. i walked by your boat on A dock this past weekend and just now recognized your boat . Nice rig and good job on the fish.
  14. Yeck lightning and yeck jerrid have been hot so far this tear in Ludington. Nice work!
  15. You just gotta stay after them won't get them on the couch.
  16. fishy1

    Huge Laker

    Wow that's a big one!
  17. I have see your boat Ed it's a nice and clean one shouldn't have a problem selling it.
  18. Nice haul I've had similar results working on landscaping with the wife this weekend lol.
  19. I agree hard to beat smoked chubs and lake trout,heres one to try instead of blackening salmon use lake trout and I bet you will change your opinion of lake trout as table fare.
  20. Welcome you will find a lot of helpfull people here!
  21. With smart phone technology the radios have pretty much gone silent .
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