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  1. Glad it helps you guys out! I'll do my best to keep them coming.
  2. Holland- 4/20-4/28 Hey guys, I am going to try and post weekly fishing reports this year. I may be behind a week or two but I'll try my best. What I post is everything we have been/are doing and any good, reliable information that I have heard. Hope this helps some of you. If anyone ever has any questions or needs a fishing report the morning of, I will include my phone number below or send me a PM. End of last week/into the weekend: Many boats were still going offshore to find coho and the occasional steelhead/king. We were targeting anywhere from 190-260 foot of water, with the best water moving daily. The fish were being taken from flat lines down to 150-175 on the riggers. I will go through what we were using below this paragraph. The coho seemed to be concentrated more down south out in front of St. Joe and the fish that were in front of Holland seemed to have moved more north towards Grand Haven. We are typically trolling anywhere from 2.5-2.9 SOG. Our As for baits, read below. Flat Lines: We have been running Bay Rat Lures S-3's or Short Shallows. These are baits that aren't well known in our area but believe me, they catch fish. The best colors have been mixed veggie, lady bug, red hot, coho crusher and BT candy. 1-7 color: On our leads run behind Church Boards, we have been running mini streaks in silver, copper and gold blanks. Our best baits have been mixed veggie, lady bug, orange chilly willy, jager bomb, pink panties, viper, lemonberry and skittles. I have heard solid reports of people running coho dodgers and peanut flies up high and doing extremely well. 150+ Morgans Copper: Our deeper boards have been a mix of standard size spoons and flasher/fly combos. The spoons have been just the standard size of the ones listed above. As for rotator combos, it seems to vary each day. Our best rig has been a mixed veggie spinnie or 8' wiener and a proctologist, arctic blast or poofster. Riggers: Standard size spoons on the mainline and mini streaks on free sliders. Once again, with the spoons listed above. Spoons have been above 100 and rotators below that. High Divers: 125-175 back with standard size spoons. We ran a trip on Tuesday and decided to stay inshore to fish for kings/trout. We fished from Saugatuck down to the south between 45-75 foot of water. Pretty much the same setups as above but we switched the riggers out for trout rigs/mag spoons and most of the minis to standards or mags. Our king bites came on: 5 color: standard size SOG frog 7 color: standard size smurf Outdown 45 down: Mag U of M frog Trout were biting spoons as well as trout rigs. Pretty easy pickings. Hope this helps. Let me know if there is any interest in me continually posting these reports. Capt. Nick 616-403-8370
  3. 1997 29’ 11” Baha Sportfisherman $29,999 Current registered Michigan charter boat Quick Load Tri-Axle trailer 10’6” beam General Info: · Engine has 900 hours · 7.4-liter multiport injection Mercruiser · 4-blade brass prop installed this spring · Top: 32-33 mph Cruise: 21-23 mph · Three batteries wired in series · On-board battery charger · On board head · Trim Tabs F Fishing Equipment: · 2 - Canon Mag-10 electric downriggers with dual boom rod holders installed spring of 2015 · 1 - Canon Mag-5 electric downriggers installed spring of 2015 · 6 - Canon rail clamp dual axis pistol grip rod holders · 4 - Bert’s ratcheting rod holders · 2 - Bert’s 17” tracks · 1 – Rocket launcher rod storage with 14 holders Electronics: · Garmin 4208 Sonar and GPS Unit · Garmin vhf 200 · Garmin auto pilot GHC 20 installed spring of 2015 · Raytheon sl70 Radar · Fishhawk X4 installed spring of 2015 · Clarion Bluetooth applicable deck with kicker marine speakers installed last winter Additional Extras · Vetus Bow thruster · New 2015 custom 5 piece drop curtain · Washdown pump · Fish Box · Under seat storage · 12 V DC distribution panel · Anchor w/ line · Pump flush head · Windshield wipers · Radio amp · Deck lighting This boat was used for one season as a charter boat on Lake MI. Entire boat has been waxed and is ready to fish in the spring. Extremely clean, cockpit washed after every trip and entire boat washed at least once a week. The bowthruster installed on the boat makes docking in a crowded marina a breeze. Turn key charter fishing operation. *Price does not include life jackets, life ring or water light but may be included if price is agreed upon.* email: [email protected] Call/Text: (616) 403-8370
  4. Try replacing your coil
  5. I run a boat in Holland if you're interested!! Good boats in saugatuck would be best chance or black betty.
  6. Awh man, no capt's or first mates?
  7. My bad
  8. I have a clarion paired with a tournament series okuma roller rod and I love it! No issues at all.
  9. They're out there!!! This was Holland Wednesday evening.
  10. My buddy wanted some lake trout so we went on a "trout scout" mission for the evening. Set up in 80 fow out of Holland and put the boat on a due south. Put one trout rig down on a rigger and ran the rest in hopes there was some kings around. Ended 5/7 on trout with just the one rigger down so they're down there and willing to bite. Coppers were dead but we did take a really nice steelie on a 3 color with a mini streak Jerry Lee. Our low divers back 130 and 150 with meat were pretty hot but we couldn't get them to stick, went 1/4 on meat bites but they all seemed to be king bites. The 10' spotted dick big weenie rig went 3 times 150 back and the 10' blue tribal series big weenie rig went once. Kevorkian spinnie on a high diver with a big weenie proctologist flie went once as well. Surface temp was 68-69 and on the bottom with the trout rig was 42. There wasn't really any current so we took fish going both north and south. Sog was 2.3-2.5 and down was the same. Beautiful night on the water. I believe we ended 7/13.
  11. I know many have been doing well on super slims and regular size stingers. For us the flie bite has only been good enough to put a 11 in paddle with a poofster or artic blast down deep on a rigger. Rest of our bites have been spoons or meat rigs. If you don't know how to fish meat, look up some videos and learn. It was been a very consistent producer of fish for us.
  12. Set down once again just in front of castle park in 80 fow around 630 to get a look of where we needed to be for the night bite. Good amount of bait and marks down low in 90-130 so we knew we had to be there for the stellar evening bite thats been going on. Put it on almost a due west for a while so we could get the north east troll through the area later. On our way out we boated a nice steelie on a 175 with hogwild stingray stinger and hit another smaller steelie on a 3 color with a stinger rodman. Going due west, 2.9 at the ball 3.1 SOG. Turned it around and put it on the north east in 160. Slowed the boat down to king speed (2.4-2.6 at the ball) and hit a decent king in 150 on a low diver 95 back with a big weenie blue tribal xxxtreme glow meat rig. We hit 130 right at sunset when just as planned, things got crazy. 7 color goes with a good king on a dreamweaver carmel icicle. 175 goes with the hogwild again. 200 goes with a mag silver streak Lt. green diva. Rigger goes with a mag bloody nose moonshine. Was somehow able to land all four fish with 3 people without a tangle. Ended 7/7 for the evening straight out in front of Holland. Once again, another beautiful night on the water. Reeltalk
  13. We set down in 160 just off castle park and put the boat on a SW (240). Set one rigger down 50 with a double kevorkian and it went off almost immediately. Lost the fish a few seconds after coming tight. Next fish came on a 11in white paddle and a big weenie poofster flie down 100 on a rigger. Trolled around for a bit and decided to head west to find the break since the water temp in 180 was 59. Break was in 210 where it went from 59-51 with lots of debris in the water. Landed one steelhead on a 175 with a mag lt. green diva silver streak, lost another on a 3 color with a jawbreaker and broke off our 150 with a gold watermelon. Didn't feel like catching steelhead all night so we went back in and hit a good king in 190 on a low diver 230 back with a big weenie 10in spotted dick meat combo. Continued our easterly troll picking away a king on a 7 color with a jager bomb and 2 steelies on a high diver with a steelie stomper. We put a little more north in the troll right as the sun was above the water and hit another good king on a big weenie 10in xxxtreme glow blue tribal series meat rig 80 back on the low diver. As soon as the sun got below the water it got crazy. The same low diver went again and went from 90 to 490 with a good 17-18lb king. 200 went with a hog wild stinger. Other low diver with meat took another good fish. Lost a steelhead on the high diver 90 back. Landed another king on the 7 color. Missed a fish on a rigger 35 down with a green flounder moonshine and pulled a shaker in on our 3 color with a jawbreak. Finally got the chaos taken care of around 1030 and I think we ended 12/19. Awesome night on the water. ReelTalk