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  1. Thanks for the info that looks like it would be a lot of fun great video.
  2. Just wonder where do you find the regulations for spear fishing such as seasons ,bag limits, species ?
  3. Let me first thank you for you service and second disclose I have never served in the military. I agree with you whole heartedly as people in this country have forgotten those who have sacrificed some much for us to have the freedoms that we all enjoy. Thanks to those who serve and have served to give us the freedom to enjoy this great country.
  4. Good job on some of the best eating size salmon and trout
  5. I know most people figure the 40s and out to be offshore just my 2 cents
  6. My best tear for over 20# kings in Ludington since 1999 the year of giant kings and cohos, didn't see the 12-20 # cohos as we did in 99 though.
  7. You will probably be better off planning on fishing for 3 year old kings and steelhead offshore as most 4 year olds have run up the river
  8. X2 I have never understood how people feel that a business has the right to destroy my personal property and not be accountable for damaging it.
  9. Don't think you have missed out on the salmon fishery we typically have a great fall fishery for 3 year old salmon and great steelhead fishing as long as the weather cooperates. I typically fish into October till the marina closes the 15th.
  10. I don't believe most people have a issue with the Badger its just the 500-700 pounds of ash it is dumping in the lake every year.In this day and age it is inexcusable to use Lake Michigan as thier own dump.
  11. I'm glad to see the CO's out checking people honestly most I've met are professional and try to move on as quick as possible.If they had to wait tilll everyone is done with thier hunting or fishing why bother to have CO's in the field ? Just IMO
  12. We must have all the bait in Ludington as there has been massive amounts here all summer and several different years classes of it also.
  13. Early in the morning and close to dark 15-30 is a good length once the suns up 50-100 usually work better.Remember in low light conditions the noise from the ball works as a attractor.
  14. I think you will find this is alot friendler site than MS people aren't here to insult or argue with you and willing to share info.
  15. That's a very clean looking boat now just add fish .
  16. One thing you may wish to try is browsing your speed range I have had to run from 2 to 3.5 sog to get the correct speed at the ball at times depending if yor going with or against the current to just pick 2.5 - 2.8 may be part of your problem.
  17. As long as you aren't getting the sunblock on your lures you are fine. I personally don't believe scent is important I have run Batrix rubber meat strips in all of my meat rigs for years and catch as many or more fish than many of my friends who run real meat strips.There are more important thing like speed direction current direction that effect success .
  18. Fished 8-18 to 8-20 best fihing has been on size 3 ace high plugs in hatural glow, green lightning,blue lightning patterns also uv haze flashers with uv on ice meat rigs and mountain dew spin doctors with big water froogie meat rigs, if you need more info feel free to pm me.
  19. Okuma catalina reels are flawless and you won't have the line counter jabbing you in the wrist if you pump your rods fighting a fish.
  20. The fish that run the PM usually run around labor day weekend the early July run of kings has been happening for as long as I can remember in my 35+ years of fishing Ludington. The fish that are planted at the Sable river tend to run later in September and in many provide a good fishery of 4 year old salmon into October.
  21. We have seen alot of the 1 year old fish in Ludington mixed in with our catches in the last few weeks .
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