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  1. Got a bit of a late start and launched out of Grand Trunk (Launch Full) around 7:30 AM Steamed out to where the fleet was hanging about (120 to 170 FOW) and proceeded to wash tackle for the next 3+ hours. No nets waving and reports on the radio were fishing was very slow and spotty....... Back at the launch boys were bringing back many pounds of un-used ice. Along with the always sage advice: "They were killing them here last night(yesterday)" Hope to have better luck next time...
  2. NIce! I went up to Manistee 1 day later (the 2nd) Wave report when I left GR was 2 to 4 two hours later when we got to the launch it turned into Small Craft Adv and 3 to 5's Told my buddy no way we were going out, then spotted a guy trolling the channel and said we can do that! Did that AM and PM with a stop at North Chanel Brewery in between. Also spent some time out on Manistee Lake , where there were a few people out there jigging. We did see a couple fished hooked by the folks doing the jigging thing. Of course all my spinning gear was home! So best we could do was drag our DR deals trough the middle of the pack. Had a couple of releases that I would like to think were hits.... but that was all we could muster up. Planned on fishing Thursday but based on our previous days results, went to breakfast, the tackle store and then home. As your report highlighted we "should have been there yesterday"
  3. Fished Friday 8-14 AM & PM: Most boats hanging between 120 to 215 FOW and we did the same. Went 0 for 2 on the AM Trip and did not see or hear of a lot of fish being landed. Friday PM was a different story as we joined the fleet in these same waters doing a north to south or south to north troll. Had a rigger go off about 45 mins before Sunset about 75 down After about a 30 sec fight it somehow broke off the 30lb test between the SD and fly. Rigger went off again about 15 mins later with better results. Same rig SD & Fly, which seemed to be the most popular setup being used by the fleet as well. My son landed this 27.5 King just after sunset, crew and captain were quite happy to have her on board. Fish cleaning station at the Launch had a ton of guys with fish around this size (Less then a 20 lbr was considered perch fishing) Went out Sat AM but got blown off as 1 to 2's turned to 2 to 4's and building in a blink. Awesome trip!
  4. Thanks Guy, I might try the Petty's Bayou this weekend if the weather cooperates. Like with everything else 2020 seems to be a tough year! I gotta get my Kicker running 1st. Hope to see ya on the water soon!
  5. Fished about 7:30 PM till sunset out of Muskegon. Stayed between 120 and 140 FOW. Had one hit on a Dipsy about 145' back for about 10 seconds. Nada other than that. Reports on the radio were indicating the same. Nice night but could have been better...
  6. Anyone know what kind of shape the Harbor Island Boat Launch is in these days? I know was under water most of the summer... Thanks
  7. We went out with 2 boats at 7 AM out of Holland One went High (140 feet) Other stayed Low (40 Feet) Fished til 11 AM both had same result. Nada! Lake was awesome, fishing not so much. Have not had a hit since July and that one broke off.
  8. Sure I can do that. You looking for Riggers only or for the Riggers and the Mount? Downriggers have been sold Thanks
  9. Sure I can do that. You looking for Riggers only or for the Riggers and the Mount?
  10. Selling a pair of Manual Downriggers by Invader. They are in excellent condition, very smooth reeling action. Discovered my boat was too small to support these plus my other set. Just in time for the peak of Salmon fishing out on Lake Michigan. I also have a Scotty Downrigger Swivel Mount. This was used only once. Just purchased this new for $65 and am willing to let it go for $30 Bundle and save. All for $125 Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions. Joe Grand Rapids 616 295-4176
  11. Grand Haven 8/14 PM Busting down the channel in front of the Power Plant at a pretty good clip (7.5 SOG) Slowed considerably when Johnny Law (Ottawa County) showed up in front of the fountains. I was fortunate there was a larger craft in front of me going the same speed and the boys went over and put the arm on him....and slapped him with the $125 fine. Monday night in G.H. sheriff usually not around, but must have been a slow weekend hammering the Jet skis and go fast boats. That was the end of my good fortune. Mass of boats out in 130 to 160 FOW started in 140 headed to 175 Threw SD Flies, Spoons, Plugs on DR and Dipseys. Bunch of Depths, speeds, headings - fished till dark Nada not even a release. Marked a ton of bait balls and fish of some kind (for whatever that is worth) According to the radio sounded like the guys doing the best were north towards Muskegon. Was a beautiful night to be out there. 2nd Skunk in a row. Might try Muskegon next trip.
  12. Glad you hooked into a couple. I went out of GH last night and got my 1st skunk of the year! Most boasts were messing about in 130 FOW Had my son and 78 year father with me. The forecast was for waves less than 1 actual was 1 to 2 Thanks
  13. 7/31 PM Grand Haven Grudgingly paid my $10 and began the the long steam from the GH launch to the Pier Head about 7:30 PM passing a barge at the power plant and the Coastie ships in town for the Festival. A Buddy from work on board who had not fished the big pond in many years. Started in about 90 FOW just to the south. Pushed NW for the next couple of hours in the 0.2 foot waves. Got out to about 105 when we hit a nice king off a DR on a spin doctor and fly (Mirage or similar) down about 40. Messed about until dark and picked up another on a DR on a Sting Ray Spoon. Awesome night to be on the water, without the huge W/E crowds. Stopped for a min on the way in to catch the Musical Fountain. Late Night but Great Summer Evening!
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