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  1. Grand Haven 8/14 PM Busting down the channel in front of the Power Plant at a pretty good clip (7.5 SOG) Slowed considerably when Johnny Law (Ottawa County) showed up in front of the fountains. I was fortunate there was a larger craft in front of me going the same speed and the boys went over and put the arm on him....and slapped him with the $125 fine. Monday night in G.H. sheriff usually not around, but must have been a slow weekend hammering the Jet skis and go fast boats. That was the end of my good fortune. Mass of boats out in 130 to 160 FOW started in 140 headed to 175 Threw SD Flies, Spoons, Plugs on DR and Dipseys. Bunch of Depths, speeds, headings - fished till dark Nada not even a release. Marked a ton of bait balls and fish of some kind (for whatever that is worth) According to the radio sounded like the guys doing the best were north towards Muskegon. Was a beautiful night to be out there. 2nd Skunk in a row. Might try Muskegon next trip.
  2. Glad you hooked into a couple. I went out of GH last night and got my 1st skunk of the year! Most boasts were messing about in 130 FOW Had my son and 78 year father with me. The forecast was for waves less than 1 actual was 1 to 2 Thanks
  3. 7/31 PM Grand Haven Grudgingly paid my $10 and began the the long steam from the GH launch to the Pier Head about 7:30 PM passing a barge at the power plant and the Coastie ships in town for the Festival. A Buddy from work on board who had not fished the big pond in many years. Started in about 90 FOW just to the south. Pushed NW for the next couple of hours in the 0.2 foot waves. Got out to about 105 when we hit a nice king off a DR on a spin doctor and fly (Mirage or similar) down about 40. Messed about until dark and picked up another on a DR on a Sting Ray Spoon. Awesome night to be on the water, without the huge W/E crowds. Stopped for a min on the way in to catch the Musical Fountain. Late Night but Great Summer Evening!
  4. Sunday. The morning after the big show for the Coast Guard Festival, the channel was littered with boats tied together. I am sure there were some heavy heads in those boats as we steamed by at 5:30 AM. Even though it was still dark when we hit the pier heads we discovered we were late to the party! Hundred or so boats were doing a north and south dance between 30 and 100 feet. My crew consisting of my father (77 years) and my best friend of 40 years put down in an opening around 55 feet. As the only copper rod I own is wound with 300 feet of the tangle waiting to happen stuff, decided to keep it stowed. Threw out flies - spin docs, spoons, and plugs on riggers, dipseys and lead core. Ended up 2 for 2 with a decent King and Steelie both coming off DR one at 15 down and one at 35. Fished mostly in the 60 to 90 feet, until we started to head in, then we messed about in the skinny water for a bit but nada. Awesome morning to be on the water. Just pulled the trigger on a replacement for my Lowrance 350A for a Lowrance Elite 7 HDI (Wow color screen!) Anyone looking for a gently used 350A? Good Luck out there.
  5. Launched out of the City Ramp 5:30 AM Zero fishing boats at the ramp (not a good sign) This was my 1st trip out to the big lake as motor trouble and kids sports kept me on land till Tues. Hit the end of the channel and went blind, could not see the bow of my 19' boat (rut row) Dropped lines in 40 FOW and kept pointing west on the flat foggy water hoping some crazed Scarab Driver was not going to T Bone me. Went out to about 120 FOW nothing. As I could now see about 1/2 mile I decided to look for some charters or at least some intelligent life. Ran back to the channel mouth when I got to 50 FOW fog was still very solid. Ran across 2 charters and a couple other boats all hugging the mouth, north, south and some going in the river. Sounded like spoons on boards with little or no weight were getting the hits. Messed around in there for another hour or so, saw a couple steels landed, I never had a taker. Strange vibe out there these days. Maybe we should let those Asian carp in, as things are already pretty bad and does not look to recover anytime soon.... Will get out later this summer and hope for better results. Good Luck out there,
  6. Took the family on a Trip around New England last week and made a stop over to the home Port of the wicked Tuna guys. Found Billy of the Bounty Hunter in Dock. They were cleaning up the boat after hauling in a Big Tuna earlier in the day. Gloucester is a really nice little town with some nice beaches and shopping and places to eat. Stopped in the Visitors center 1st and they could not be any more helpful. While this post will not help you catch any fish out of the L Michigan ports ! Just an FYI if you are Wicked Tuna fan and ever find yourself out that way, it is worth a stop over.
  7. Thanks for the report. Cool Storm Front Pic's One is Better than the skunk !
  8. Headed SW past the chocolate milk to about 60 FOW at dawn. Nothing going till about 7:30 when hit this Laker in 100 feet on a White Pro King 300 Copper. Came back towards the fleet where a lot of them were stacked in the muddy stuff just north of the pier head. Nada. What a beautiful morning to be on the water! Not a ripple. Bonus Fishing! Talked the wife and Daughter to going out in the afternoon around 3 PM. Channel was packed with about anything that would float and had a running motor. Fished for about 40 mins before the biting flies and crew mutiny drove me back into the madness of the river. Picked up a nice 6lb Steelie that spent more time above the water than in it on a pro king raspberry off a dipsey 125 on 3 80 FOW. Tied up on the wall for dinner at Snug Harbor (Part of the deal)
  9. Congrats on the New Rig Kevin. Looks like a sweet ride! Hope to get out tomorrow out of Muskegon. Looks like should be a good weekend on the water !
  10. Wheres Joe

    Fiberglass Repair

    Anyone know of a good fiberglass guy? My dad spent 6 weeks rebuilding the transom of my Yarcaft. Is complete except for the seems where he cut out the outer skin. Looking for someone who can do this finish work. Thanks. Joe.
  11. Boat is Sold Selling my Smokercraft Ultima 18foot Fishing Boat as I have purchased another boat and wife won't let me keep both! Complete Fishing Machine including a 115HP Merc (2 Stroke) and 2005 8HP Honda trolling motor (4 Stroke) Electric motor up front as well. 4 seats all in great condition 2 Big John Manual Down Riggers, Hummingbird fish finder and GPS unit, 3 batteries all in good shape, 2 covers, UHF radio (new this spring) and Rod Holders. Will Throw in some DR Rods and reels, planer boards and misc spoons and plugs. You could buy this boat in the AM and be on the salmon the same day. Fished it out of 2 Lake Erie and 4 Lake Michigan Ports this season. Very solid boat with great running Motors. I can provide more Pic's if interested. Asking $9500 for all. Thanks for Looking. Call or Text (616) 295-4176 Joe
  12. Did you guys encounter the Fog there in PS? Almost got T boned by 2 or 3 boats out past 90 FOW. Could not see past the bow of the boat. Then of course there was the nets we had to manuver around. just after 8PM we had seen enough and tucked tail. Number of guys trolling the channel but did not see anything go....
  13. Great Job Kevin I went out of GH on Sunday Morn before dark and landed 2 kings and 1 steelie. Lost one at the back of the boat and lost a monster who snapped my leader from the dipsey. All fish on plugs except the brake off which was on a orange spoon:( All fish were full of spawn. 8:30 AM and the bite just died. I was doing the same program as all the charters around us. East and west troll between 90 and 125 FOW. For $10 you would think GH would have a fish cleaning station at the launch. Guess we are supporitng the Fountian.
  14. Wheres Joe

    Muskegon 8-9 AM

    Thanks Gald I did not get snaged in them. Hoping for a great lat summer run. Good Luck !