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  1. Currently even the best charter captains are struggling theres not much going on,we just need some west or southernly winds to pick the fishing up.
  2. Just a tip on braid when sea fleas are thick. Take a can of wd40 and spray down your braid before you leave the dock each morning and you will have very little problem with sea fleas sticking to the braid .All I run is braid and have learned this tip from a old friend and has worked great.
  3. Amish Outfitter bags are extra strong I have the same bags from when I purchased my 31 Tiara in 1999, call them and they will give you the correct size for your boat.
  4. I like to have them release so they stay on top I've had to many fish get off when a board would dive
  5. I fish out of Ludington and it has been slow unless you ran out 20 miles recently. With the south wind kicking in the near shore should pickup at both Pentwater and Ludington
  6. The net report is for the most part correct but one net has been moved to the 55's one of the local charter boats got caught in it last weekend and it fouled both motors and broke one of the shafts. I learned along time ago that the nets are like the Badger they are not going away but it is dangerous and just stupid on the tribal fishermans part to at least not mark the nets better so they won,t be a safety hazard to the rest of us who are also allowed to use the great lakes.
  7. My question is did you buy your boat with the expectation that others would pay all of your costs to own and operate your boat or did you buy it for your own pleasure? With that I cover all the cost of owning my boat but most people who fish with me have enough common sense to at a minimun offer to help for fuel , IMO if you purchased a boat expecting everyone to cover all of your costs you either should get a captains license to make money to cover your costs or pass on ownership. A simple way to look at it is if you go on a trip with friends in your car do you expect them to pay all of your maintence cost for driving with you ? Just my 2 cents worth.
  8. Dreamweaver Pickled sunshine, blue bubble and blue fairways flies consistent producers in Ludington.
  9. Run the pickled sunshine fly behind a 8in double white crush spin doctor or a mountain dew spin doctor and the oceana behind a 8 in pearl fishscale or slick taped spin doctor.Don't be afraid to pull them on your 300 coppers I catch tons of fish on spinnies and flies on my 300's but they work best at slower trolling speeds.
  10. Torpedoes only go down as far and as fast as you let them out I have used them from the time they have come out for both walleye and salmon and are a great tool to have in your arsenal
  11. Torpedo divers work great at any speed and give you infinite depth and lead ranges.
  12. I have chased salmon out of Ludington ever year for 35 years, what amazes me is how people think the fishing is going to be the same every year.There are so many variables that effect how the fishing will be in a given year, water temp, wind direction ,forage base, the list goes on just part of the challenge of fishing such a large body of water.
  13. I would add some slide divers, they are more flexible than standard dypsies as you can run leads as long as you want and don't have to hand line fish in when using flasher fly or meat setups.
  14. Usally the problem for most finders is that if you transom mount the transducer you will get alot of cavitation and reduce the units ability to mark fish at cruising speed. The way to get the best performance out of your finder is to mount a thru hull transducer just my 2 cents.
  15. I have used Big Jon riggers for over 30 years without any problems.
  16. The old REEL PEOPLE DERBY also required that that the fish would still bleed from the gill cover so no one brings a fish from another another lake over and also proved the fish had been registered.
  17. You are correct just looked it up.
  18. I haven't read the rules yet this year but I know in the past it was against the law to use a gaff on trout or salmon, has the rule been changed?
  19. Must have missed those conversations, with all of the different methods to present lures they are only as successfull or useless as the person applying the presentations. If you run a surface program when the fish are 60 feet down you probaly wont catch many fish maybe crows:thumb:
  20. I would say with the addition of the smart troll its still a guessing game to the exact depth your lures are running. I base my conclusion on the fact that the smart troll probe looks as if it is not the most hydrodynamic in design and I'm sure creates water resistance just my 2 cents.
  21. Nice job just waiting for them to fire up in Ludington soon.
  22. Great job on the video glad You share them with us!
  23. It helps but deep water take alot longer to warm due to it's volume.
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