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Hotest Colors for 2007


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I am sure everyone has a number of colors that worked great for them this year. Narrow your hottest colors down to 3 and post the names of the colors.

My best three colors

Killer Tangerine

Craigs X-Mas


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if were talking strictly spoons:

NBK in the stingray size rocked for me all season

gold blade kevorkian/rodney (purple thunder w/glow ladder)


if we can throw spinnies into the mix:

mountain dew SD/green crinkle howie fly

nbk stingray

chrome green SD/mirage atommik fly


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1.Fuzzy Bear Ludington Glo Special mag. (something about this spoon i noticed is some you buy have green fish scale pattern tape and some have a light blue fish scale tape, the one with the blue fish scale tape is my favorite)

2.Silver Streak Green Dolphin mag.

3.Moonshines- Yellow Flounder, Flounder Pounder, Widowmaker, Brooke Trout, Double Trouble, Hi-NRG.

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Salmon: NO doubt, hands down, Mag Silver Streak Ole Yeller on the deep


Silver Streak reg. Blue Dolphin and DW Monkey Puke were decent

Walleye: Late summer: Watermelon Holo NK 28...its a moneymaker!

In general: Andy's walleye slapper in a DW Super Slim

Mixed Veggie in a DW Super Slim

Bloody Death II DW Super Slim

Late Summer: DW Super Slim Blue Icicle... hot, hot, hot.

Steelies: VQ Blue Dolphin DW Super Slim

Silver Streak Blue Whale (overcast days)

Watermelon Holo NK 28

Bloody Death II DW Super Slim

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