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  1. Ryan,wind the copper on first on reel #1,then attach your backing,fill the spool up,just reverse it onto the second reel(take note of the line counter readings to duplicate for the second reel).
  2. I use both,only downfall when using singles is they have a tendancy to hook smaller fish in the eye socket,thus no C & R. Prefer siwash for staged kings with their hard mouths.
  3. Agree with Phil,11 inchers when down deep(below 90 ft),8 inchers above that.
  4. Hold onto them Craig,worth their weight in productive waypoints :cool: Thx for the history lesson Tim,never knew it was Rip & Roc that made the old Pirate spoons:grin:
  5. Lyman makes their plugs from a #1 to a #9 monster. #4 is the standard sized(same with a J plug). Lyman Lures.
  6. First time was 1981,salmonitis ever since:cool:
  7. Mint shots Bill,never knew you were a "pinhead"(centrepin reel).:cool:
  8. You can also try adding a bead chain swivel infront of the flasher,performs very well.
  9. Pound balls were dead slow(can count on one hand the # of fish) for us this season,riggers,wire & braid divers were the mainstay. Copper produced well on certain trips when all the other rods weren't moving,but in general,there was no consistent pattern. It seemed to change every trip,put out a variety,then change up accordingly.
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