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  1. Mark and Rita are very nice people and always willing to help. On our way back from the tounament in Sheboygan, I ran with them thru a storm and they were more than willling to slow down and keep and eye on me to insure I made it thru also. Their boat is always spotless and beautiful. Kyle
  2. Kenosha and Racine are both very nice places. Both have good fishing early in the year and thru fall. Racine has a very nice skipper buds marina and Kenosha's city marina is decent. Best of Luck. Kyle
  3. I use a couple net mate holders also and they flat out rock! No worries about your net moving around.
  4. It would be a great summer job, but dont plan on getting rich... some work for tips. I pay my mates a wage and we split tips.. Kyle
  5. I have 2 of them I am planning on selling. I think I only used them for 2 seasons. How about $45 each and I pay shipping? Email me [email protected]
  6. WE looked for tracks with about 6-10 trucks of us for maybe 2 hours before light, then we'd try and get one dog started then others. There was a ton of snow on the ground and when we would get fresh snow it was a ton easier.. We did see lots of tracks but trying to find a fresh set that was a nice sized cat was hard.
  7. I went with dogs and it was unbelievable. I had never hunted with hounds before and it was one heck of an experiance. I went with a group that might as well be guides because of the time they put into it. I went 5 days total and this was the only cat we treed. We ran I think 3 or 4 and this was the only one I saw and it was on my second to last day to hunt. Around here, I think it would be near impossible to call one in but you never know... My trip total including mount, food, gas, many drinks was less than a grand. I thin k it took me 8 years to get a tag ion WI.. Next is either a nice bear or yote mount.. Unless I can shoot some nice ducks this year, I saw a mount I really liked
  8. Check out the pics of my bobcat mount. I just got it back from last winter and had to post some pics. It is not where it will be in the house, just took a different animal down to use the hook for pics.
  9. Thanks Dan, I did send them something. I dont know if they still do but I know midwest shooters supply in WI used to have a day where lisc captains got a pretty good discount. I more or less wanted to try and publicize any options like that. I really do appreciate your help though. Less than 6 months till I am back in the water
  10. Cabelas just sent out an email with the non lead being close out priced
  11. Dan, Everything you said makes sense, I guess I am not looking for any freebie. I am more looking for places that give discounts on normal equiptment that you know you will use. I need to upgrade a few more reels this year and am uncertain what direction I wanna go, just wanna know if there is any good pricing out there. I think divers are another area that if a guy can save a couple bucks, it is better than not. I agree with you on fishing reports and giving info, I am surprised at some of the bookings we have received from that. Take care, Kyle
  12. Hey Guys, I was just curious if you know of any companies that give a discount to charter captains trying to get you to use their product. I found that slide diver does and you can sign up on their website but it doesnt appear to be much of a discount. Anyone know of other companies that do? Thanks, Kyle
  13. What a joke, there are a lot more wolves than that shows. There have been several car kills in brown, outagamie and I believe spottings in several nearby counties. In northern wi the population is quickly becoming out of control.. Kinda is a joke how far off the WDNR is on all its numbers.
  14. I have had that stupid card and now I am finding it agrivating that they cant decide what to do,... Dont get me wrong, I will be happy to not have to pay them but it would have been nice to know this past spring before they took my $$..
  15. We took out a family this morning fromw www.childswish.com and had a blast. We left the slip at 4 and were back in at 10. It was a little nervracking when we set up in 70 fow and got our first bite in 140. We continued out to 320 and found our best depth to be between 220 and 260. We ended up 12 of 15 or so. One of our lakers was pushing 15# and the other fish were all smaller. Action came from the surface to 80 feet down with no real pattern. spoons, flies and meat all caught fish and pretty much all rods had action. We did have to be going faster that 2.1 on the depth raider for it to make a difference. Our best action was away from all the other boats including one triple header.
  16. We started fishing 6/21 in the P.m. and found fish near 120 fow. Right about when it started getting good we started having some lightening and next thing you know all the rods on the hardtop are buzzing and clicking. Right about when I was ready to get the heck out of there we noticed one of the passengers had her hair standing straight up like you would see in a science exibit. I think we set new records pulling lines and used all 400 h.p. to get back in quickly. We had a charter from MN on 6/22 p.m. and 6/23 a.m. Those trips found us fishing south of town in 90-120 fow. Our best bites here were in the top 50 fow with almost every color of enticer and spin doctor working on dipsies and lead core with spoons. All hot spoons were magnums and had either green and orange in them and the better ones had both. We had fish here but not huge numbers by any means. Eventually we slid out to 180 fow and found some steelies to atleast keep us busy even if we had a hard time landing them. Orange spoons along with orange flashers with any fly behind it got hit out here. We ended up on Sunday 6 of 8 and Monday 8 of 14. Pretty good action considering what a tough bite it was. We finnished out Monday with a P.M. 3 1/2 hour charter that we left the dock at 4:30 on. It only took about 15 minutes of being set up to get some great action back in 180 fow. Same baits as in the morning but also a meat rig on a dipsie was hot. Dipsies set at 1 1/2 with magnum rings took hits with 160-180 feet of line on the counter. A green spin doctor with a fly down 60 on a downrigger was good along with a magnum fishlander hey baby 80 feet down on a downrigger. All the same spoons on 2-10 colors of lead produced bites. We ended up 10 of 16. Had a great time, good luck on the water. Oh and before someone wonders where the other fish is look in the fish mouths in the pics.. www.jennyannsportfishing.com
  17. After not fishing much due to having our first child I finally got out 6/17/08. There is a lot of stuff floating and the river looked similar to my coffee.. After a bit of searching to find fish, we found some between 140 fow and 200fow. The trick was getting outside of the muddy water, and then there were fish in the to 50 fow. Magnum spoons took a couple on a downrigger 49 feet down, and on 2 colors of leadcore. An orange flasher with a little boy blue fly on 3 colors of lead picked up a nice king at almost 20#. Most of our action was on dipsies with hering and spin doctors. If you get out keep your eyes open for floating logs and trees Good Luck. http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll104/JennyAnnsportfishing/fishin/IMG_2307.jp g http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll104/JennyAnnsportfishing/fishin/IMG_2303.jp g
  18. I run a 200' and a 300'. i find a lot of fish with the 300 but I run it more. I mainly run the 200 when there is lots of traffic and I am hesitant on running core. It helps get down there without being back as far..
  19. After bobcat hunting this year where Adrian lives, I think their numbers are miles off. There are more wolf tracks than there are whitetail tracks. I think the numbers are way out of control and am certain some of the locals should be thanked for their part in "managing" the population...
  20. In the early season if I am only running six lines I wont have any flashers but if I can put more out I will start running couple. For me the time I normally start to key in on flashers more is when I start fishing outside the <30' range. I feel then I can start running more of a variety of presentations. I will however as said befoe start mixing in one or two in shallow when I can run more lines.
  21. I have a 272 Grady White sailfish and while they make an awsome boat, I wish I coulf afford about a 33' Tiara..
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