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  1. My best have been Back/silver X raps and mag rogues, black/orange. Do you run spoons clean, inline weight, or rigger?
  2. I started in Lake Huron in '86 and have been fishing out of Frankfort/Platte Bay since '99.
  3. I was surfing a few fishing websites and came across one that was saying how 2008 was kind of a tough bite. I'm not sure about you guys, but it was definitely one of the best I've ever had, certainly every bit as good as the past couple years. Both numbers and weight were up for me around Frankfort. How did everybody else do this year compared to previous?
  4. Fished in the Frankfort harbor Sat night/ Sun morning. Had a BLAST!!! Tons of boats, pier guys, stationary jiggers and casters, even a couple of the Coasties were huckin' metal off the wall!!! Had a triple within 5 minutes, 10 on within an hour. In my 14 footer, we were never pushed or forced into a bad place. Had to put it in neutral a couple times to allow for traffic but otherwise just tried to fish and stay outta the way of others. Fish were hot and silver, river temp 58 degrees, but had a couple darkies too. Riggers were 10 down, 10 back, green and pearl J's. Funny how great fishing makes for lots of courtesy on everyone's part.
  5. Try a blue or green J plug instead of the spoon and run it 200+ feet back. Try to stay in deeper water as the banks are steep and unforgiving. Good luck and welcome to the site.
  6. It is 1 '72 MerCruiser I/4 120. It been a great engine for me. Average trip with running 4 miles and trolling with it takes about 3 gallons of gas.
  7. Anybody know of a good online marine parts supplier? I had the upper exhaust bellow on my MerCruiser blow yesterday on the way in. Any help would be much appreciated. The fishing was good for me out of Frankfort yesterday morning. Straight out from the pierheads I took 3 kings from 12-15 pounds on a white Moonshine spoon, white spin doctor, and green J plug. I fished in 150-170 fow with the riggers down 50 and 60 and a dipsey out 175.
  8. Nice work guys! Is there anything that says "fish on" more than a wire diver? Music to my ears!
  9. Got out at 5 this morning and went 3 for 5, all kings, all off the riggers. Flounder Pounder down 75 had two and green hoochie/fly down 110 had one. Fish were 7, 14, and 18 pounds on the scale. I alternated a Dipsey and copper for the third rod , but both were silent all morning. I was out by the point in 180-220 FOW, little choppy with the north wind. Surface temp was 67.
  10. Got to Frankfort boat ramp at 4:30 this morning and found the lot empty. I made my way out to the bank and set lines, 2 riggers and a dipsey. Went 3 for 3 from the Saddle to the Greens and was back in with fish cleaned at 6:30. All the fish bit on the same rigger 77 down, one on a slider. Kings were 8, 13, and 16 on the scale at the launch. Black Screwball had two and Chilly Goose had the other. I weaved from 120-180 FOW on a north troll. Temp was 64 on the surface and, from what I heard over the radio, temp was 100+ down.
  11. I just got back from Alaska and was wondering how the fishing has been. I was in Frankfort Saturday afternoon and there were 6 trailers in the lot...about 10% of what was there last year. Bad fishing? Weather? Gas? BTW fishing in Alaska wasn't good. Very few fish running anywhere but we had some intense rafting at least.
  12. I just got back last week and the big salmon runs have yet to happen. It is still spring like conditions up there with a lot of snow in the mountains. We ran into some reds on the opener but not many kings. Halibut fishing was good and will probably continue to be. Have a great time in an incredible place!!!
  13. I trolled Platte Bay for a couple hours Saturday afternoon with no hits. Water temp was 37 deg., wind was out of the north, but gorgeous and sunny. Talked to a couple groups of surf guys and nobody was able to get one to bite that day. River is a little low, I only hit a couple times in my 14 footer. Right at the mouth are some pretty big rocks but that's about it. My friends fished Frankfort with not much going on there either. A couple boats had a few steelhead or small browns and that was about it.
  14. I agree with running the Moonshines in the dark...they are super bright! When the surface temps were cold last year, I would run a couple only 20 down, 20 back on the riggers...you could still see the spoon very well. It would then shoot to the side or just disappear....FISH ON!!!!! Pretty fun.
  15. I fish by myself a lot in the mornings and have had some pretty comical attempts at netting a hot king off the stern to say the least Later in the year while fishing out of Platte, I was running a 2 rigger set up in my 12 footer and had to land one off the side....it was surprisingly really easy. From that point on, I landed all my fish off the side. With only 2 rods, one side of the boat is wide open after the fish takes one of them. The key was not being tempted to put that 3rd rod out, which for me, resulted in a clusterfudge that shut me down for half hour of prime time.
  16. Thanks guys. A click of the e brake was all it took. I was getting to the launch in Frankfort at 3:30-3:45am and beating the rush hour traffic so as not to tick the other guys off last fall. By the way, the fishing was very good when I set lines at 4 in the dark. Thanks again everybody.
  17. I have a 99 Silverado 1500 and cannot manually turn the lights off when it's dark out....I know what a pain this can be for the other guys at the launch. If anyone knows how to rectify this, it would be much appreciated.
  18. Frankfort piers were under about 6 feet of ice as of this past Sunday.
  19. In addition to the effectiveness of wire, there is NOTHING like the sound of a wire dipsey getting smoked by a fresh king!!! I've seen people almost hurt themselves from jumping at that sound! I'd love to get that as an alarm clock tone.
  20. Thanks for the advice, nailer. I've talked to a few people and they said the same thing. Hopefully we'll have 'er going by the weekend.
  21. I have an older skidoo snowmobile that has a headlamp/tailight issue. I got a new bulb and put it in, worked fine. My problem is that after the machine has been running for a few minutes, the light starts to fade until it doesn't even work at all. I'll start it up the next day and it works great for a minute again-then kaput. Any ideas?
  22. I've been doing some fishing in the rivers for steelhead and having moderate success...nothing like last year, though. I just put the boat away but not before one last trip out of Frankfort last week. Two boards, longlining rapalas in the surf, I ended up connecting on a 9 pound hen steelie. River temp was 43, surf temp was 48. Just waiting for the big freeze now....
  23. My best three; Chilly Goose Flounder Pounder Hot Lobster I ran mags all year and had good success with them.
  24. Those river fish are tough to get to bite. I had some luck earlier in the season on small bags and spinners but they have been getting more lock jaw everyday. You can cast 4 pound carbon at them and they see it coming 20 yards away and just slide to the side of it. Dawn and dusk bite has been about it. Interesting note, I talked to the weir workers and the fish they passed at 10 am were at the hatchery that same afternoon. That's gotta be almost 10 miles of river and lakes.....cruisin'!
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