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  1. We left Friday hoping to fish that afternoon and evening, but no such luck as we ran into boat trailer problems on the way up. We got it fixed, but not in enough time to fish. So, Saturday morning we headed out for our first Muskegon trip of the year finishing 3 for 4. All fish came in 68-72fow. We tried shallow(tons of marks in the 45fow), but nothing to go. All fish came between 7:30 and 8:00am. The blue spinny/fly combo 90' back on the dipsey took two fish. The Green Icesickle lure off 150' of copper took a third fish. A half core on the glow cow(white with black dots) fired and released. Good job for all of the planning that went into the tournament. It was a lot of fun for a good cause and we look forward to it again next year. --Jason
  2. Was thinking the new rig could a bat and balls.......... ;-) Thanks for the report.
  3. We ended starting about 3 miles north of the S. Haven pier heads and picking up about 3 miles south of the Saugatuck pier heads. Good work on the nice box of fish!!
  4. Size over quantity seemed to be the theme again for us out of South Haven as we went 5-8 with a 7lb, two 14lbers, 16lb, and 18lb king. Set lines at 6:30ish and fished until 10ish. NW and NE trolls worked best for us. Typical setup was 9 lines trolling ~2.4mph at the ball. Good temp break was about 45down. We trolled between 95 and 115fow. We took hits on: Dipsey with a white spinny/blue bubble fly, 110' back, broke the spinny swivel Rigger set 80' down, fixed slider 20' above the ball went 1 for 1 300' of 45lb copper running a DW purple Easter egg lure went 2 for 3 and boxed the biggest fish. 300' of 45lb copper on the other side of the boat running a blue moonshine lure(don't remember the name) went 2 for 3. The two misses on the coppers were dancing fish, jumping and going crazy for a while before they came unbuttoned, so at least they were entertaining. Good luck this weekend. Should have some good weather conditions.
  5. Nice box! Were ya fishing north or south of the Saugatuck piers?
  6. I tried calling you guys on the radio last night, but didn't get a reply. Good work on the brown. I'd like get a nice one as a wall hanger some day.
  7. Hey, I'll be out there starting at about 5:30, weather pending. I'll give ya a shout. --Jason
  8. Maybe bananas would actually help to improve your fishing luck just a thought ;-)
  9. Some salmon are starting to show up in the 90-110fow range out of South Haven. Have your spread set during low light hours of dawn and dusk. Last weekend, a good temp break was about 40' down. Good luck!
  10. Off a cell phone camera, so not the greatest, but here it is. Mike(in the photo) reeled it in like a pro, and prompltly grabbed a beer afterwards. He also inherited a nice superline burn in his wrist from running to grab the rod as the fish was pulling line. Again, nothing a cold beer and 21lb king can't fix. We weighed it on a few of different scales. My spring scale was between 20.5 and 21lbs. My bro's digital scale was 21.15lbs. My digital scale was 20.88lbs. --Jason
  11. Sorry so late with the report, but here it is: Made it out for the first time in 3 weeks on Saturday and went 3 for 6. Size was excellent with a 21lb, 15lb, and 17lb each being boxed. Typical setup was 6 lines; two riggers running sliders fixed 20' above the ball set to 80' and 70', two dipseys at varying depth, one 150' 45lb copper line, and one 300' 45lb copper line. The 80' rigger fired once, but came unbuttoned, so don't know which lure got hit. The 300' copper fired twice, boxing the 17lb king off a moldy muffin lure. The 150' copper fired three times, boxing the 15lb and the 21lb kings off a purple easter egg. We set up in 70fow on a NW troll at about 6pm and quit at about 9pm. The most productive depth was 100-110fow and about 4 miles north of the pier heads. 2.5-2.8mph at the ball. Nice temp break from 69 at the surface to 42degrees at 45' down. Saw several people cleaning fish at the ramp, so I'm thinking the June slow down is going away and that it's time to fish
  12. I have had very good success running copper. I run 300' of 45lb and 150' of 45lb and 300' of 30lb. I've gone to running copper as my deeper rods with 5 or 2 color leadcores as my outside rods as my first setup. The full cores worked well for me, but for the last two years the copper just produced better with the deeper presentations. For lure action, I don't really think the copper would be different from the leadcore. I think the leader and swivel have the largest effect on the lure action. I would think it'd affect the amount of rise and fall of the lure during turns and in currents due to the line diameter difference, but not really the actual action of the lure. my 2cents,
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