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  1. The conclusion to the copper fish. Biggest fish of the day!!! ATOMMIK copper and Flies laying the smack down during Shark Week!!!!
  2. It sure was nice to be back on the lake again after a couple weeks off. We did not hurry because Kim had to work last night. So we left the dock around 10, and back by 2. We ended up 6 for 7 in this short time, all nice footballs. Kim was able to land her first Lake O fish, she is hooked now. Was nice to have dad out again, can wait for the kings to come back home, should be anytime now. Give me a call a few some dates avail. Enjoy the fish porn!!! Capt Rich
  3. Here is just a few of what came to net today for John. Numerous doubles, and a couple that turned into triples. Lady O was snotty, but the new ride tamed her just fine, what a boat!!! We had over 20 fish come to the net today, steelies, lakers and a king, a few skippys mixed in also. Can't wait to get back out there, give me a call if you want to come see what Lady O has to offer, it is World Class fishing at its finest!!!
  4. Lady O is a little angry but she is giving it up!!! John is having a great day again!!!!
  5. John had a very good day today, steelies and lakers kept us busy. The temps have moved around, and the winds tonight will move them again, let's see what tomorrow brings!!! Give us a call if you would like to get in on the incredible offshore fishery!!! Capt Rich
  6. A little better than yesterday so far, we have found the chickens, and one silver so far. A little foggy, but the radar sure is a nice feature!!!
  7. What a weekend, the fish wanted to play, and smiles were everywhere. Good times with great friends!!! Saturday was lakers and steelies, dropping a nice king at the back of the boat. Today was lakers, steelies and kings. The new ride is Deff awesome, and she is a fish catcher. Give us a call to get out after some great fish. We have some days avail from through Sept. Also have gift certificates avail that make great gifts. Capt Rich
  8. Been pretty good so far today. First flasher fly bite for me this year, and it is the ATOMMIK hammer to do the deed!!! Nice teenage king in the box.
  9. It was a beautiful night for a short cruise to our neighboring port. Lady O was very calm, and peaceful, tomorrow we collect the Booty!!! Stay tuned....
  10. Brad decided he could not take all the kings reports anymore and made the run from MA, and this is what he encountered!!! Kings, a laker, a nice Brown, and a nice Steelie, over a dozen to the net and many others that did not want to join us. Some great early season action, and some great looking fish, give us a call if you want to give these fish a shot. Mid to upper teen kings on lite tackle, nothing better!!! Capt Rich
  11. Thursday was a day that has been planned for a while. With the new ride, I was able to get an old friend on the lake, which he has missed for a few years. Lady gave us glass conditions, but the fish decided it was going to be a very early bite. We toughed it out, ended with a couple browns, missed a couple, then Mother Nature decided to bring the fog and cold temps. Looking forward to getting Ron back out later this summer, Joe will also be on board also. Capt Rich
  12. With the water temp warming, the bait is moving in which is bringing our big game fish in also. Some fantastic fishing happening right now in the bay, give us a call to book your dates. We also offer gift certificates which make a great gift for any one. Need a Fathers Day gift??? Give us a call. Capt Rich
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