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  1. The up is a big place. How far are you looking to go. The prime area i would look is on either manistique lake ( big or little) in curtis. One of the top walleye lakes in michigan.
  2. I have a handheld garmin gps. It is color touch screen oregon 550t. Last fall i purchased a lakemaster cd to upload maps thinking that would be the cat's meow i soon realized that it is pretty much useless. I could barely see the contour lines in my living room and outside it was almost impossible no matter how i held or shielded the unit from glare. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I called garmin and the tech told me they don't support this product anymore and i should try to return it to the store i bought it from. The copyright is 2009. Are the lakemaster charts really no good any more? Feeling pretty fed up with electronics that don't work. Does anyone know of other lake maps with different color contour lines? I see garmin has the midwest maps but the tech told me the contour lines were the same colors...brown on blue:eek:
  3. Well true to their word strikemaster replaced the charger, free of charge and that seemed to do the trick. Thanks to the customer service lady i'm back in action.
  4. Jason, Looked at the gator. I've heard good things. The idea behind these is sound because it should be a simple system: battery, dc motor, switch. Plus i believe electric motirs have better low end torque. Who hasn't ad problems with batteries though? As many problems as gas motors have, it seems to me that it is usually an electric problem.
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