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  1. The up is a big place. How far are you looking to go. The prime area i would look is on either manistique lake ( big or little) in curtis. One of the top walleye lakes in michigan.
  2. I have a handheld garmin gps. It is color touch screen oregon 550t. Last fall i purchased a lakemaster cd to upload maps thinking that would be the cat's meow i soon realized that it is pretty much useless. I could barely see the contour lines in my living room and outside it was almost impossible no matter how i held or shielded the unit from glare. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I called garmin and the tech told me they don't support this product anymore and i should try to return it to the store i bought it from. The copyright is 2009. Are the lakemaster charts really no good any more? Feeling pretty fed up with electronics that don't work. Does anyone know of other lake maps with different color contour lines? I see garmin has the midwest maps but the tech told me the contour lines were the same colors...brown on blue:eek:
  3. Well true to their word strikemaster replaced the charger, free of charge and that seemed to do the trick. Thanks to the customer service lady i'm back in action.
  4. Jason, Looked at the gator. I've heard good things. The idea behind these is sound because it should be a simple system: battery, dc motor, switch. Plus i believe electric motirs have better low end torque. Who hasn't ad problems with batteries though? As many problems as gas motors have, it seems to me that it is usually an electric problem.
  5. Thanks for the tip. I live 5 miles from jays in gaylord. I'll check it out.
  6. I recently submitted a negative post. In order to keep balance with the universe here is a positive one. 3 yrs ago i put a moose county plow on my gruzzly 600. Best move i've made in awhile. Great plow handles deep northern michigan snow and makes clearing the driveway kind of fun. I had a few minor problems and their customer service stepped up. No questions asked. Highly recommend their company and i see they have a new line of plows for atv and utv. Looking for something to move snow..they have it!
  7. And i've got he drill. Is there a special auger attatchment. I don't thin my chuck is big enough?
  8. This is a fyi post about my opinions on the strikemaster electra 1200 dp auger. Overview: piece of junk...expensive anchor. Details: i recieved this auger as a christmas present 2 years ago. 1 st problem no receipt. Put together auger and charged it up for rcommeneded time. Couldn't get out to fish for a few days. When i did...no juice:mad: ok should have charged it the night before but shouldn't it hold a charge. Used it twice more. Ran ok but only about 20 hpoles through 6" ice. Pretty disapointed in perfomance, ut better than hand auger. Stored in garage. Last winter charged it up and hit the ice no juice ok after talking eith service center we realize bad battery. He in forms me the "ice" auger can't be left outside?? Wtf buy new battery $440 into his thing. Used a few times no problem, but disapointing battery life on new battery as well no more than 15 holes through 5-6" ice:confused: Store it inside this time. Put charger on it per manual. Green light on charger. figure got it this time. Charge before first trip. Drive 6 guys an hour and a hakf with only auger on full charge....doesn't work at all:mad::mad: wtf ffff:confused: Calked strikemaster..left message.. No response. Emailed...no response...emailed again...no response...called again talked to someone live offered to service it if i send it in. Wonder who is paying for that....oh right me. We'll see if they fix it and charge me. Will not be happy at all. Would not recommend this product!!!
  9. Holy cow. Really makes me re-evaluate my safety procedures for small boat fishing....or really any boat fishing.
  10. I am looking to add some electronics to my ice fishing game. at first iwas going to go with a vexilar. But now I'm considering the 385ci. I figured it might not be quite as good as the vex but could be satisfactory and have the gps and summertime flexibility. Of course if i do go this route I may go big and opt for the elite5 ice machine. Any one have experience or recommendation on these?
  11. You Are correct oak is very acidic but reacts with iron so should be safe for aluminum applications, however it is very porous and prone to swelling, and splitting. Those who have restored wooden boats know the first thing you do when you are done is sink the boat. This causes the oak to swell and the craft to be more water tight. Plus oak tends to be heavy. I am glad the application worked for you. If you are going to stick with hardwood I would recommend: teak, mahogany, or cypress a more suited for this application, although really i think a material like manufactured decking such as azek would be best although perhaps need to be structurally reinforced. http://en.allexperts.com/q/Woodworking-2320/black-spots-hardwood.htm http://forums.iboats.com/showthread.php?t=238336&page=1
  12. I wouldn't recommend oak for bunk purposes. It has open pores on the surface which promotes mold growth as well as being reactive with many metals plus it's prone to shrink. Plus being a lot more $$$ Every bunk I've seen has been made of treated lumber. The carpet covering should be enough to protect the hull. Even if a small hole develops the hull will still not be on direct contact with the board. I would recommend double dip hardware though.
  13. Where you on grand side or arch? Nice work sounds like a good haul
  14. I would stack the riggers with flasher fly on top and spoon on bottom with longer lead ala keating. Stagger them 10-15 ft on each rigger then stagger your rigger depth as well. Then two dipseys I like chart. Dipsey with Siggs green hypnotist custom combo
  15. I have to go with the diggs rigs custom combos by far our best producers
  16. My folks live on the north lake Michigan shore of the straits. When iwas a kid we had a couple bing alewife die offs. One was so bad we carried them in wheelbarrows and burned them. Used to get a penny a fish. Dad stopped paying us after day one. They always got mixed in the gravel stunk to high heaven
  17. I recently purchased two big jon 12" risers to mount my down riggers on. I am planning on backing these with steel and through bolting the whole thing. i would like to also use the big john swivel bases. My question is should put the swivel bases on top or bottom. The main bar on the riser is rectangular. I am worried if I mount the swivel on top and angle the downrigger it would put torque diagonaly and lead to twisting. If I mount the swivel base on the bottom the tension would always be supported by the longer side of the riser bar, but it would put a lot of torque on the swivel base. Any suggestions would be very welcome.
  18. I have been told that one purpose of the skeg is to be sacrificial and protect the prop, much the way it happened in this incident and that the bolt on skegs are too strong. Can anyone verify this?
  19. I was fishing in Canada and making a run back to camp. I hit an unmarked rock that was out in the channel it broke the skeg off and dented the cone shaped housing on lower unit approx. 3/8" deep. This caused a small crack and it was leaking oil. We pulled the boat, drained the oil. Cleaned the area and applied jb weld. It sat over night and we refilled with oil. It ran fine the next two days. I am going to look at a shop to repair the skeg. Anyone have experience with this? What should I do about the cracked housing? The jb weld seems to be holding fine. Can it be welded? I am worried that if it can be welded the process will cause expansion an warp the gears or housing more. Any help here would be appreciated.
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