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  1. I would be interested and if I can't make it I would gladly donate my entry fee
  2. I had a few breaks off before switching over to blood run. Last season was my 1st season with blood run 30lb and had zero break offs and no other issues.
  3. I have used a lot of different lines for steelhead fishing. I have found p-line leader and p-line main line to be the best for me. I was also very impressed with Andy leader line.
  4. Congrats Fishsniffer crew!!!! Can't wait for you to kick my butt again next year....
  5. Cabelas Guidewear!!!! I would never buy anything else very durable well worth the money.
  6. I would also like to so say thanks to Big Weenie for your support. Your Meat rigs rocked again today!!!!!
  7. Is there going to be any fish left for me!!!! Nice Job Don and thanks for the report
  8. Nice job Don!!!! We struggled to get 7 fish in the boat.
  9. Sorry Jeremy I thought you were talking about fishing for the meat. Yes I do use herring but if i needed 15 fish i would not run much compared to if I only needed 5 fish.
  10. Seems how you donate your fish for most tournaments I would have to say I am not a meat hunter. If you are looking for a 20lb average fish the 333 you only need 3 fish in 2 days of fishing.
  11. Catch 15 weigh 12 or 15. I really dislike the weigh 5 fish!!!!!!
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