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  1. Well thats kinda what they look like but the 1s here are really dark.. We catch them with looper bugs..i will post a pic as soon as possible
  2. Thank you an i will due my best at a good pic of 1..
  3. Well i finally got a chance to get out of the shop an took a couple of trips down to the shoreline ..People are catching loopers an cohos from shore .. I seen atleast 5 fish caught in the 30 min i was down there ...the reports here at the bait shop have been all good the last 2 weeks...The rivers are just starting to open up now..
  4. I was tied up right behind you at the washington dock an spoke with you or your partner for a couple of min before you left..Its nice to no that you had a safe but slow crossing an made it...Tod Harbor has a few nasty spots for sure but then again so does the whole island..Iam up there every year on the weekend after labor day give me a shout... Justice Starr port of Two Harbors mn Leroy
  5. Nice Pics .Its a great place,Your boat looks familar Were you at washington harbor the weekend after Labor Day last year with a busted driveshaft on 1 engine.?
  6. I would say you are suffering from a heat sink problem in the ignition.. Install an electronic dist..part # CRU-22752K..This is a Delco dist and all the parts for it except the moduel can be bought at any parts store..I have been running these dist for over 6yrs and they are bullet proof..
  7. I have had a bridge boat for 7 yrs now an love it .I would not go back to the low boats .. Have been out in extremly rough water 13 ft + over here on Lake Superior an have always driven from the bridge. Good luck with your purchase.
  8. Your out drive has a cone type clutch my guess is the bearing whent bad causing the cone to slip... the AQ out drive is very touchey an more complicated than most any other outdrive...Find some 1 that has a VERY GOOD REPUTATION for working on the volvos..i have had to deal with a few nitemares that have came into my shop due to some 1 thinking that they new what they were dueing...
  9. The water ounder the valve cover may due to condiensation when she first got hot...If you have a cast iron exhaust manifold it is probably cracked under the riser area very common on the 488..When they crack it warps the gasket area an the coolant seap into the exhaust...Merc made the replacements out of aluminum
  10. Gel cell battries need to be weighed ....the gell in the batteries will shrink an expose the plates over time an the battery will become lighter..each manufacter has a max an min weight for their batteries..if you were having a hard time cranking the motor over you may also want to have your starter checked out...
  11. Has anyone tried the Sure Set hooks an if so how due they work..I see that they are coming on the Krocodile spoons...look cool...but looks dont mean everything
  12. I did some research over the weekend an found out that there are some problems with the new HDs ....Sounds like they with have the new software available on April 15 to correct the problems...Wil see how they work after that then make my decision..
  13. Does anyone have any input othe Lowrance HDS series fishfinder/ GPS i have been looking at them an there is so many to choose from.. I have my eye on the HDS-7 with insight
  14. Well guys here is the reports i have been getting on the fishing...People have been catching quit a few cohos an some lakers on the pockets of ice that are in the bays an harbors...Last week they were catching some Loopers while casting from the shoreline...Myself i havent had time to get out an due any fishing due the fact that in Dec i opened a bait an tackle shop here in Two Harbors....Our only bait shop closed its doors in Oct leaving us with out 1...So it was a chance to fulfill 1 of my many dreams an add it to my marine repair business..So now hopfully i can post more reports from reliable fisherman...fisherman dont lie due they??? LOL:grin:
  15. I done somemore checking an what i found out is that a Steelhead is in the salmon family according to the online dictionary
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