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  1. The first time we went we went with Fly Hooker Sport Fishing... www.flyhooker.com They were super helpful in the booking procees and did everything possible for make for a great trip. I've also heard good things about Pochos Charters. I think they have 4 boats now. I have a few captains' names for Panga fishing too, if interested.
  2. is this mike from the grand river???

  3. will the lake turn over with the northwest blow the next couple days

  4. As far as I know, Dave and Bill have withdrawn from the tournament. That means every boat moves up one place and Z-1 wins. Good job!
  5. When the pressure is falling, for example, before a storm, the fishing is usually as good as it can possibly get. That is why so many people love to fish right before a storm is going to hit. So, there is a great example of the salmon being turned on due to falling pressure. Usually, after a storm, the fishing is slow and it takes awhile to get better again, especially if there was lightning involved. However, a full moon is much tougher fishing than any rise or decline in the pressure, unless you fish at night. But, we always have to fish during normal fishing hours. Just my thoughts!
  6. Is this a 30' Chris Craft that has been docked in North Muskegon for years? If it is the one I am thinking, than I have fished on it a few times and know a lot about that hull. Send me a PM if it is! Thanks!!!
  7. In addition to the above comments, bridge boats have been so cheap lately because over the past 5-7 years all of the past bridge boat owners have been buying low profile boats, therefore, flooding the market. The amount of wind we get on Lake Michigan and the small chop is what sails a bridge boat. If we fished in 5-10 foot huge rollers all the time, they would be better, but they are the worst in short, type chop.
  8. Absolutely not! They fly in the wind, you can't slow them down, they rock and roll, and they are hard on the knees and back when going up and down the ladder all the time. I have fished on 28' Bertrams, 31' Chris Crafts, 34' and 37' Silvertons, 34' Bertrams, 33' Tiara, plus a lot more, all with bridges. Personally, I would never even consider purchasing a bridged boat, unless it was a Black Fin. Just my point of view! There are some really awesome, cheap, quality-made low profile boats out there, especially lately!!!
  9. Where did you go elk hunting at? I am applying for my GMUs and seasons right now.
  10. Well, here in Colorado the only highway from eastern Colorado to Utah is the I-70. Last night we had a massive rock slide that has destroyed and closed the expressway indefinitely. The nearest detour is 5-6 hours out of the way in good driving conditions to make up the 30 miles you will miss. You gotta love living in the middle of nowhere!!! Here is the link: http://www.vaildaily.com/article/20100308/NEWS/100309574/1078&ParentProfile=1062
  11. They have been fishing the Michigan side tournament trail for about 4-5 years now. A great couple! I have eaten on it, fished on it, and of course, ridden on it. It is a boat, that's for sure!
  12. We use two pancakes on our corner/outdown downriggers. We use a round/finned on the chute downrigger. I have used them on all different sized boats, anywhere from 16 foot to 37 foot boats. The smaller the boat and beam, the more you have to adjust the bend in the fin. We fish with around a 30 degree bend in ours, no matter what the boat size is.
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