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Copper line leader length

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I consider myself a beginner in salmon fishing. I mostly fish out of south haven, MI. I have 2 150' and 1 300' copper 45# setups. My question is how long of a leader of fluorocarbon should I have attached to the end of my copper or should I just have a swivel attached to the copper and attach my spoons ect. Thanks for the help.

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200 foot leader is rediculous! i have heard all different legnths but the most common seems to be 30 ft leaders on copper. im running pline flouroclear 20# for short coppers (spoons) and 30# for 300' and up coppers (usually flashers).

leadcore i like short leaders 15-20ft max seems to catch more fish.

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200 feet was rediculous! By the time I got the 7 color in the water and put the board in a normal position, I had 650 feet of line out just to get a spoon down 30 feet. Then the board tripped 3 lines and slid all the way down to the spoon. Talk about alot of screwing around.

Eventually I cut the leader down to under 50, and put a new release on that board and it took 2 fish that night.

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My copper was at 40 feet all of last season and was a pretty consistent catcher.

My cores are 20 to 25 and put plenty of fish in the boat. I was on a boat with a 200 foot leader behind a core last week...

Holy leader length Batman! :eek:

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200 ft leader? Must be a misprint.

Not a misprint. The spoon was breaking the surface 200 feel back when I finally found some leadcore on the reel. I have no idea why it was so long, no one spoke up when I asked the question.

Somehow it got cut down to a reasonable length during the trip and caught 2 fish :)

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