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  1. Navigating this "new" format is a nightmare. The "old" format worked fine for me. Please explain the need for a "new" one. I used to frequent this site often. Now; not so much. All you need to look at is how recent the posts are. You have lost a lot of participation. This decision may have destroyed this forum.
  2. A 16 lb King won the Big King contest in Grand Haven last week. September. Grand Haven. No one on another site thought this might be indicative of a PROBLEM. A charter guy wrote back and said they are getting tons of huge salmon. I'm a little worried. Are you? My take is the size is trending down as is the numbers of fish caught. I know some charter guy or gal will come back and say they are killing them, but what do you regular folks think?
  3. The advise in the previous posts are spot on. I have had some of my best trips in October in the past years. Steelhead and 6-12lb Kings taste fantastic out of ice cold water. I am usually the only boat out of my port in October. Rarely see another boat on the big lake. If you go out take care to be sure everything is in working order. Wear your PFD. Don't fish alone. The coast guard is your only option for help should you need it. That said; get out there. October/November can be the best fishing of the year.
  4. Got a couple of 8 footers myself today. Had to break out the big knife.
  5. The Moonshine Flounder Pounder has been my best over the years. Some days a no go, but overall it always gets the fish. Any thoughts?
  6. Losing 3 Flounder Pounders is worse than a root canal. Nice report. Thanks.
  7. How do you get your wire diver down to 220 ft?
  8. Diawa 47's and 57's last forever and work very well. The medium to higher end Okuma's are nice as well. Old Penns are cool ,and work very well, but not so hot trying to keep up with a Steelhead coming atcha at 20mph.
  9. I have an older pair of mag 20's. I have lost TWO probes over the years. None lately. I finally noticed that when running the riggers up that if they are swiveled out the cable winds up on the inside of the spool. As it builds up the cable will slip down to the center of the spool then continue to build up on the inside. When you send it down again you will have a kink that snaps the cable. Now I always run the weight up and down with the DR facing to the rear. That allows the cable to wind properly. I haven't lost anything since starting to do that. Try it and see if that works for you.
  10. Yes. One of the best ever. I have loved most everything he has done. So sad.
  11. Lots of logs,mats of seaweed and junk floating around here as well. More so than in years past. Maybe it just took a while to make it downstream from all the flooding earlier this year.
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