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  1. i dont use the terminators. just use the wire knot like you would on your dipsy's. it is harder to sinch down since the downrigger cable is 150# but it is stronger! also the 'tether' that comes with the fish hawk x4 is garbabe, junk that and tie your own. Use a section of downrigger line with wire knots to the swivel snaps.
  2. nice, thanks for posting. Would have never seen the report item there!
  3. unfortunately it has been 6 months and I cannot select the items that I bought using the ebay link. I am S.O.L. expensive lesson learned.
  4. what page? seaguar page or ebay? can you send me a link? I contacted seaguar on FB and they said they are aware of these problems but couldn't help me. The negative feedback left wasn't mine. I dont think I left any feedback and now its been to long to leave any.... The ebay guy said he would take care of my refund but that was 10 days ago and I have heard nothing.
  5. Over the winter I purchased some 50# seaguar flourocarbon (blue label) leader from ebay member fishgod2012. Just got around to using it and it is plain mono, stretches easily and not stiff. So if you have bought any from this POS, open a fraud case and get your $ back if you still can.... and leave a terrible review. Guarantee he has scammed hundreds doing this!
  6. wow, and that was braid so with wire we are talking maybe better than 2:1. last year on the east end of Lake O we were fishing our mag divers out 330-350. Cut a hundred feet off that with the mag slide divers that sounds good to me.
  7. nice! looking forward to those results
  8. not to hijack, but how is torpedo's 7 strand wire? seems to be priced lower than malin, mason, blood run.
  9. 2:1 ratio for what setting with the new weights?
  10. this new counter didnt have a boot. it is just a plastic button. i will have to take it apart again and realign i guess. thanks
  11. Glad to hear they work for what they are made for. Thanks for the responses.
  12. ok new line counter came the other day just installed it. #'s changing looks good, push button to reset (zero) and button doesn't come back up it sticks down until pryed up with fingers. Did I do something wrong here?
  13. Anyone use the new style rigger locks for their cannons? I have 3 mag stx's and I always pull them off my boat after every use. (Boat sits in marina) That is a lot of extra time and probably wear and tear on the plugs.... but at least I dont have to worry about them getting stolen. These locks are pretty expensive $30 a pop so I want to make sure they are worth getting.
  14. i must be putting way to much pressure. sometimes with light pressure the hook doesn't move on the file. its sort of choppy and hangs up once in a while. idk
  15. Maniac, so is this the part that you have been replacing? http://stores.tunasreeltroubles.com/okuma-19100029-depth-counter/
  16. thanks for quick responses. Im gussing its the gear b/c i didnt notice the shaft bent everything looked good when I had the line counter apart the other day. If i did send back we are talking 2x ship plus $25-$30 service... Might as well throw on the leadcore since everytnig but the line counter works fine and buy a new one for my wire.
  17. I bought a few used CV30D's last season and noticed that the linecounter on one isn't working. I know I could send it and to tuna toms and have him to do it, but was hoping to fix it myself. The counter zero's fine but won't roll over when winding, once in a while it will work for a few #s (but rolls over slow and is not accurate) then stops working again. Any ideas of what's broke?
  18. I have been going through all my hooks this off season and touching them up with the 4.5 luhr jensen file. But sometimes I notice that while I'm trying to sharpen, I file the hookpoint right down and much shorter than the original hookpoint was. And sometimes they still don't stick in my thumb nail. What am I doing wrong? Putting to much force on the hook while filing? Doesn't happen every time but have noticed maybe 8-10 hook pts that I did this to.
  19. whats a good paint to use to add green dots to my white flashers? or will a green sharpie work just as good?
  20. those all look good. hard to beat green dot later in the year
  21. When is a good time to start running these? I always thought late summer when the matures really start showing up but after reading a lot of posts and watching a few videos, seems like guys run them in the spring too.
  22. I didnt realize it when I bought it but this convector is a CN55S instead of CV 55. And the other reel I grabbed was a CN55W. Both the CN reels aren't levelwind (planning on copper) but they are much different in size. The CN55S is a high speed reel but looks wimpy compard to the CN55W. Just confused on the terminology I guess. I have 3 different size convectors now and they are all the large 55 series.
  23. huh ok. i guess im stuck in thinking of how much drag the flasher is creating rather than actual weight.
  24. is a 4oz slide diver similar to a standard #1 diver? if so these slide diver charts aren't even close: http://www.bloodruntackle.com/more-copper-depth-data-and-wire-diver-depth-numbers/ not trying to start anything just trying to get a general idea of running depth on wire.
  25. thanks for the link. im looking at slide divers depth charts and they don't make sense. the first two charts (4oz weight and the mag ring) with an 11in flasher vs 8in flasher: it shows the 11in flasher acheives greater depth with less line out vs the 8in flasher. same wire line, same weight, and same ring.
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