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  1. The ramp in Holland has been open as far as I know. Lots of trailer there yesterday, the fish cleaning station might not be open yet. The ramp was closed a twice last year due to high water and unsafe conditions.
  2. Think I seen you and maybe Joe that day. We troll for about .25 mile from 5 to 10 fow and picked up one. Seen some other marks on graph. Fish came on a 1 color with a purple spoon my daughter picked. She had a blast but was ready to go so we came in.
  3. Some guys call them nwr and they work great! You can attract the lead core a couple different ways. You can put a piece of mono in between or tie the dackron to the copper.
  4. Holland 4/28pm We did a quick shake down trip last night everything ran great. Fished the beach landed six fish. Small spoons on .5,1 and 2 colors worked best colors were orange and yellow. Five fish came on south troll and one on north. Seen a couple brown taken on the pier when we were headed out. Talked another guy and he said the coho are still around.
  5. Five gallon bucket with 5 1 inches holes works good. A good set of bags is the way to go.
  6. Fished out of Holland yesterday. Had a couple get way in 10 fow it was really slow so we moved out deeper and got a couple in 60 fow. Seen a few marks in 60 fow never made it deeper but head there was a decent amount of fish in 85 fow.
  7. I wouldn't waste money on it for Saginaw Bay fishing walleye. I did see a few neat pictures from side scan on Saginaw Bay with a snowmobile sitting vertical on the bottom.
  8. Aaron I have a set I build that work decent. They are a little heavy but fold up nice. They have more pull than I would like but keep up parallel with the boat. You are welcome to take a look at them or borrow them and try them if you would like. If I were too build another set I would make a set half the scale of the first ones I made in hopes of less pull and having them ride back a little ways.
  9. Jimmy, I have run the old style round ones with a flasher before and taken kings with them.
  10. Heard 30 to 40 fow has been good at first light or before then go east. Black was always my go to color up there.
  11. Can't make it but good luck to those that fish.
  12. Normally do a few reports for over there but haven't been up this year. It was decent fishing last year north of Alpena.
  13. Convector 55 45 lb copper is a good choice 32 lb is also a good choice and runs about the same depth for the identical length when you look at dive charts.
  14. Try a five gallon buck in addition to the bags for a quick fix. If you drill five, one inch holes in the bottom it works good. Other than that get bigger bags.
  15. Fished 80 to 125 with 110 being the best. Couldn't figure out what the fish wanted ending 3 for 4. 225 copper sliver streak mag took laker Se troll Low diver 140 back with green chrome and white meat rig took king Se troll Rigger 65 down white big weenie 10 inch with cracked ice bait head lost hog laker behind the boat. Sw troll High diver 170 back mixed veggies took a king ne troll Three hits 2.7 to 2.8 and one at 2.4
  16. Glow stick in red and green work well in heavy boat traffic. Some guys have cuts in the flags for mounting them.
  17. I has been open and closed depending on the wind direction. Not much ice was left out there the other day according to the satalite. If we have any kind of east wind you should be good just a few ice bergs floating around. Hopefully you can get a better report later in the week.
  18. Measure the copper in the back yard. If you have limited room use two screw divers and wrap it around them back and fourth. Makesure to put the copper on first then the backing. Once the reel is full wind it back on the identical reel and your done.
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