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  1. i saw a few kings taken at Holland last weekend one was a 15# came in 85 ft on a high diver,i will fish the long weekend there and i put up what i find.
  2. I put a bead on above my swivel so i can reel it right up to the tip,[and always keep the swivel closed so it dont tangle] i do not break down the wire rods.
  3. I have heard of putting it in oil prior to doing an oil change to help clean
  4. That will work, but I would opt for power pro if your gonna redo. Moer space on the reel and the mono is gonna get scruffed up in no time.
  5. I like runnin the whole herrings and the Big Weenie brand are great,i purchased a Dreamweaver one recently and it's nice but the head was too thin for my herring probly should use the strips on that brand,i butcherd my herring a lil and still caught a steelie on it.
  6. looking for recommendations on who can do a motor swap in my 24 ft bayliner hardtop .Replacing the the 305 with a 350.what places are best and who to avoid .appreciate your input .
  7. i like my walker 124mm mostly but i have been using the 107 size this year and have not been running them real deep. I have both sizes and and will go with the situation [i do not fish every day though]
  8. I usually run my leader about as long as my rod,because if i'm by myself i can still net with one arm. Some guys like long leaders but then you have to hand line the fish to the net.
  9. i got one like that Gander mountain brand,i think Dreamweaver makes for them but i dont have the name,it is kinda pearly in the middle?
  10. Let say you want to fish bottom in 60 ft of water,what depths do you put your downrigger,accounting for blowback and current direction and waves and stuff?
  11. Terry, i'm gonna be a scratch from this event,got to spend my $ on repairs this week sorry guys
  12. i want to fish this.[unless i have another crisis like last event] i am efforting to be there Terry!
  13. I also put a bead on the wire so i can reel the bead and swivel up to the tip when not in use. I do not like to take my rod apart for storage.If you leave the swivel on and take the rod in half it puts a bend in the wire.
  14. Maybe we will have to have the "3 ROD THRILLER SOLO TOURNAMENT" hope not lol
  15. Hey Terry are you gonna trailer your new boat down to Southaven,or drive it down? how far on the water from Holland?
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