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  1. I've been out on this boat. It is an awesome and very well taken care of boat.
  2. You probably are not doing anything wrong. You were actually probably doing everything right for the situation. We all have those days where we have plenty of hits but struggle to get the fish in the boat. The hardest part is getting them to bite which was not you problem. I remember a day where I went 1 for 11. There are tons of factors that may or may not have changed your success rate in boating those fish. Hang in there.
  3. The trailer was used to store a 27ft sea ray about 8500 to 9000 pounds but I dont think it will work for inboards. The bunks are not adjustable.
  4. 27 foot tandem axle bunk trailer. 6 lug wheels. Brand new D rated tires. Used as a storage trailer for a 27ft sea ray. asking 2200 OBO. Contact Dan 269-491-3526.
  5. awesome thanks, ill probably give it a try this year.
  6. well i guess not many people have changed the settings or its a really big secret lol.
  7. does anyone switch to the slow troll setting on the front of the spin doctors (the hole closest to the back)? if so when? Also do you ever change to the less action setting on the rear where u attach the fly. I almost exclusively use spin doctors and i never change the settings. they are my most productive but just wondering if im missing something. Thanks for any input.
  8. Thank you guys. I am interested in a new one paul so i would love that info. I was able to price a new venture triple axle trailer for 5200 out of the east side of the state but wanted to look around. Outdown93 i sent you a message. thanks
  9. Looking for a trailer for a 27ft sea ray 10ft beam, about 9,000IBs loaded. I'm told I need a triple axle trailer. Let me know if anyone has a lead on one. thanks.
  10. reduced to 9000. but has older cannon downriggers instead of big johns now.
  11. Located in Kalamazoo. I have 2 available. Both motors work great. both include cable. 1 is in working order. 1 needs a new swivel end assembly. I dropped something on the end and it cracked the plastic. asking 150 OBO for the working one and 110 OBO for the one that needs a new swivel end assembly. I can be reached at 269-491-3526, Thanks Dan
  12. 1989 Thompson 240 Hard Top. MUST SELL FAST. $10500 obo Beautiful Boat. Mercruiser 5.0. Ready to fish. 8 ft beam. All maintenance done. Boat is ready to go. Drive alignment, impeller replaced, lower end fluid changed, thermostat replaced, power steering serviced end of last season. Newer bottom paint. I have never left it in the water only trailered. Easily towable by a half ton truck. I towed it with my 01 chevy Silverado 1500 and never had an issue. Always winterized. The vinyl that covers the back of the boat that is white in the pictures is being replaced. I’m having a new one made already. Should be done soon. Features Washout system Trim tabs Humminbird Sonar/GPS 22 rod holder Side post rod holders for plainer boards Rod holder rack on hard top 4 Big Jon captains pack downriggers with auto stop and ball cradles new last year Custom tackle storage cabinets Cd player Marine radio Portable toilet 4 lights to light up rear for fishing 2 new Thompson seats Cabin lights New wood interior Automatic bilge New motor 3 years ago, done by good year in bay city, 500 hrs on new motor with no issues New plugs and wires 1 year ago All safety equipment, 5 life vests, 2 fire extinguishers, all lights work, spot light 3 batteries Trailer Tandem axel bunk Trailer New bunks 3 years ago Both new 4500 pound rated axels 3 years ago Electric trailer brakes New 15 inch rims and tires 3 years ago I can be reached at 269-491-3526. My name is Dan
  13. Im debating about the extra cost for side imaging. All I do salmon fish on lake michigan. My question is does it work well in deep water fishing and is it usefull for the big lake or should I put the extra money into more equipment. Thanks for any input.
  14. My next question would be do you guys think it is worth it for me to get huminnbirds chirp or down imaging or even side imaging. I only fish the great lakes. Thanks
  15. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. 1 mainiac- that makes sense thanks
  16. so is it woth it to buy a "better", upgraded or different transducer? I just have heard so much about making sure you get a good quality transducer.
  17. i was looking at a humminbird 1100 series sonar/gps combo and the frequencies it uses are 83khz and 200khz, i wanted to get the best transom mount transducer i can so i was looking at airmar transducer but they say the compatable transducers are 60khz and 200khz. will that work? thanks for any input.
  18. I didnt run meat untill august last year and we did awesome. I also was wondering how early to start using meat. Good forum.
  19. Thank you all for your input, Now i am wondering if a transom mount transducer will be as good as the transducers mounted in the bottom of the boat. This will be on a 27ft sea ray with twin I/Os
  20. Also from what it sounds like, the power is determined by the transducer not the chartplotter, so with this it is better to pick a chartplotter i like then pick a transducer?
  21. Thankyou all. this gives me a good start.
  22. I will take a look, thanks for the input.
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