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  1. Worked the mud most of the time. 32' worked for us. Took three fish quick. 1 king and two Steelhead, moonshine spoons, and mixed veggies. High diver back 35', 30' CU, and a 100' CU. then it slowed. Fished 25-50 FOW. Took 1 other rip on a high diver in 45 FOW. Took a picture or two of the cloud bank, it was crazy looking, we may have spent a little too much time admiring it. We started pulling lines, it changed real fast, 1' chop to 4' waves in about a minute. That was the nastiest weather I have ever been out in.
  2. We used the little glow sticks and taped them on. They did not last as long as I thought that they would. They were good while they lasted. If you are looking for a couple hours they would be fine. We were fishing through the night.
  3. Hit the Lake about 5:30AM set up in 100FOW heading west hit 135 and it started. For the next two hours it was consistent. We weren't able to get,or keep the lines in. High diver back 100 with a SS Double Orange Crush took the first king. Before we got that reset, board went. Right as we got that king in the other board on that side went, Another king. Finally got a rigger bite this year, screamer!! Landed that, another board went, another king. Resetting that, one, the rigger went, missed that one. Finally got most of the lines in and another rigger went. Catch and release greaser. hit 240, turned back in, should have gone in, never took another hit. Kids slept through all of the fire drill, as soon as they got up, nothing. Radio traffic had most getting an east troll, not for us. spent 5-6 hours washing spoons. Meat rigs, spoons, slim and regular. Greens and blues were the best. Size of the kings improved for us, the biggest was 13.5lbs. Ended 6-7
  4. Ideally yes you should set the probe to match the more accurate gps speed. From that pout you will be better off knowing your speed at the ball
  5. 150, 225, 300 are to most common. 75 is another good one for steelhead.
  6. I do not think you will like the copper segmented. More knots means more opportunities for failure. You get a screamer and a knot catches it likely won't end well, or cheaply. Figuring how much mono between the segments to allow for proper board spread could be interesting as well. I would also imagine each knot will create some amount of additional drag lessening the depth of the copper, it may be minimal, not sure. Add 1 set up at a time as $$ allows. 75, 150, 225 and 300.
  7. Did we run side by side in the fog for awhile? It wasn't too easy to see at times. Driving by radar is not all that much fun. The only good things I could say was, we did not get skunked, and we didn't have to clean anything!
  8. I had some good info Friday from this guy I know. Got out Saturday a bit later than normal, took the wife. We had as many bats in the boat as we did fish. It was 10AM and later, two different bats ended up in the boat, did I mention the wife went? That was not a high point for her. Ended up 2-3. Had a rip setting up on a blue dolphin on a diver, caught two others that we released, one on freakin mixed veggies, the other on a bloody caramel. Never knew they were on, lure change time found them. They were lively yet, and way too small.
  9. We Did real well last fall after the run, we caught a lot of three year olds. They are out there. Good to see them moving in!
  10. I am dying to post something, but the boats dry yet, maybe tomorrow it will go in. The reports should start being more frequent. Its early.
  11. Stick to the cruising. Rehabbing that surgery is important. You can really screw it up if you do not listen. So cruise.
  12. I have caught them in Canada, never in Lake Michigan.
  13. The issue becomes etiquette. There are issues all over. We had a guy try to run our boards over in 250' last year out of Grand Haven. People just don't know what hey are doing. It is sad we cannot all use our natural resources together. Common sense goes a long way, unfortunately some do not have it. One would think people could work together, assess a situation and fit in with the flow, but too often it doesn't happen. Thus the radio screaming and the yelling from boat to boat.
  14. I agree with Erik, that's how we do it as well.
  15. 225 and 300 were our go to's as well, we are adding a couple of short ones this year, but we run both of our 225's and 300's nearly all the time.
  16. Beautiful! Not as beautiful as 75 and the boats out fishing silhouetted in the sun!
  17. That looks nice! I think that's the same light we put on, you should put sunscreen on, it'll definitely give you a sunburn!
  18. Great pics!! I'll take 75 and sunny!
  19. I am with Bob, Lakers if they do not blow up, small salmon and steelhead go back if they look good yet. We eat what we keep, but we can only eat so much, so we try to limit the keep at times.
  20. KJ is quicker than I am. Gotta remember to never take him on the boat, he will beat you to the pole everytime!!
  21. Here is one of them. Great looking boat!!
  22. They were on it Saturday. We had quite a bit of rain, not sure how safe it is now. East bay is likely where you will want to fish.
  23. Van's would be my recommendation as well.
  24. we have 10-12 Coldwaters, had an issue with one, sent it back, and they sent a new one. Like them a lot, just bought two more.
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