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  1. seems to me, the steelhead fishing remains good in the spring the last few years. Fall migrations really depend on the water levels in the river. Fall kings have to run to spawn, fall steel do not need to run, just strictly feeding. On my local rivers it seems that if the water is low in the fall, steelhead will only trickle into the river. This was the case last year on the big manistee. Im not a professional, just my observations.
  2. we had the same problem, new coil, points, condensor cap and rotor, we also put in new plugs. Still have to test it out. Our boat runs good on the way out, trolls good but on the way in it wont go over ten mph. SPudders and runs rough. Ours is a 351 for. 1977 century raven. I will let you know if i turns out. Or pm me. Havnt been able to go cuz of wind.
  3. I myself am new to fly fishing. I currently fish salmon and steelhead with a 11 foot switch rod. Mainly fishing nymph set ups under an indicator. I am currently looking for a shooting line to swing streamers with. Mine is a cabelas tlr 8 wieght. It is very exciting fighting fish on a fly reel. My setup is very cheap for what you can spend on quality stuff, just thought i would start of low budget until i figure it all out. Good luck out there.
  4. Fished Ludington yesterday. Went 5 for 7.Went out at 10:00am and landed one nice king. Lost two on copper. Had to come in around 12 noon. Landed fish came on a 150 copper with a DW lemmon ice. Lost another steelhead on same rig. The. Lost another king on a 200copper that had a purple pro king uv spoon. Not sure the name. Went back out at 7:30. Ran to same area. Stopped just short of bath house n worked 120 to 160 fow. First king was on high diver with moo moo meat rig. Second was a 200 copper with that same purple uv pro king. Third fish was a king on wire diver out 112 on 2 setting. Took a clear uv krw meat rig with a 11 inch DW slick glow white paddle. Last fish was 35 down on a rigger on a spoon. 3 to 5 fish has been the norm lately for us. Had a great day with dad and my brother
  5. Frankfort to sturgeon bay is 54 miles I believe. Two friends from work are doing it this summer. 2 hour ride at 30 ish mph.
  6. 45 goes throw level wind and guides the best
  7. Started at 5:45 ended at 9 am. 4 for 4, all kings. Started out in front of the bath house in 75 fow. Went on a north troll. Took first fish in 75 fow on a mag moonshine wonderbread with uv tape on a 6 core. Next king was on a 150 copper with a stinger slim Yeager bomb. Moved out to 120 fow and took a king on a wire diver on 1.5 with a green spin doc with green fly out 150. Last fish came on 250 copper forgot what spoon it was. All fish between 5 and 15 pounds. Only took one fish past the point and caught one on the south troll right in font of the point. Water was cold 48 on the surface. Fish and bait marks were all very scattered in the water column.
  8. I fished browns a few times, but have not been out in a while because i have been fishing steelhead non stop. The first king of the year in frankfort was caught today. Brown and lake trout fishing has been ok.
  9. i have been using quality swivels. Torpedo brand. I am using 20 pound suffix for line. I just cant keep the twist out. never had this problem untill i switched to blacks releases. They are the best release besides the line twist.
  10. I switched to blacks releases two years ago. I love them for pulling big flashers and all types of lures for that matter. the only complaint i have with them is every year after four or five trips i start to get line twist in the line behind where i attatch the release. I usually only twist the line three to five times befor inserting it in the release. Is there something im doing wrong, or is this something everyone deals with. Any info would be great. I have considered switching to the scotty pinch pads style this year.
  11. thanks for the report. I will be heading over to saginaw bay for the first time this saturday. I am new to walleye trolling so im just hope for the best. Linwood is where we are going out of. I am fishing with a very accomplished walleye fisherman that grew up fishing sag bay. Looking forward to some big walleye. Thanks again for the report
  12. welcome, from another ludington/scottville boy.
  13. Dreamweaver showtime spin doctor White pearl spin doc with slick glow tape
  14. Lay them in the floor of the boat. Put a buffer between the reels n the floor. If you don't do that with a hard floor it scratches the reels more importantly it scratches the glass over the line counter. I went through the drive thru at McDonald's with my net up in a holder and smashed out all the light bulbs in the drive thru, plus bent my net handle. Rods down, always
  15. Just wondering how most of you sharpen your hooks. Last few years I have been using a hand held hook file. It does a nice job, but takes a while to do my 500 plus plugs, spoons, flies, and meat rigs. guess what I'm asking is who has a faster quality way of doing this.
  16. yeah i forgot those bead chains swivel. I am so used to using silver horde and dreamweaver captains choice cut plugs with the direct hook attatchment.
  17. hey great tip on tying the bead chain plugs direct. I always see them floating in platte bay in the fall. Now i know why. do you have ploblems with line twist tying them direct. Guess you could just put an inline swivel up from the plug a ways.
  18. 70 degree water no doubt is not good to be putting fish back into.
  19. i live a couple miles from the betsie. I see some of the worst types of so called sportsman mostly in the monthes of september and october. i keep a couple for steelhead eggs, but try not to go near either homestead dam or the campground during the salmon run. It just sickens me. You summed it up well with your song.
  20. Figured i would see how many people actually throw back salmon trout and steelhead after they are landed on the great lakes. Reason i ask is because after i got bit by the river steelhead bug real hard i have developed a soft spot for these fish. I often try to release steelhead on the big water. I only had to turn the boat and retreave one fish that did not survive the long battle on a 300 copper. I also throw back small salmon from time to time. I was just curious if anyone else does this, and do you think most the fish live. We did well one week 15 miles offshore in frankfort on steelhead and lake trout on the surface. We threw back so many fish that week and all of them swam off unharmed. It was kind of cool to see them smim away in that flat calm water.
  21. I work with kyle's dad. He is the one who told me about kyle and his pasion for steelhead fishing. Me and kyle fish all the same water. He is one dedicated young man. I appreciate the fact that young anglers like kyle are out there. It secures a future for out sport. I cherish my job, but always wonder what it would be like to take a career path such as kyles. We are all rooting for you kyle, keep up the good work. We will probly see you soon on the betsie or the big manistee chasing chrome. Good luck.
  22. Started at 7:30 in 170 fow. Rigger down 55 with moonshing uv blue jackle took to young kings about 10 pounds each. Then a steelhead on a 200 copper with a dw ss wrecking ball spoon. 3 for 3. 170- 180 fow in front of the saddle. Nice to see some young kings around. Released the steely in hopes of catching it again in the river.
  23. fished west platte again monday morning. Pulled two kings on glow j plugs early. 70 fow and again in 60 fow. 30 down on a rigger and one on a four core. Fog got bad so i left. Lots of marks between 40 and 90 fow. A spot i frequently fish is 1/2 mile east of where the houses end along the beach. troll east until you hit 40 fow and turn out. Keep circling in there and you usually will do pretty well if there are coho around.
  24. West platte bay. Last yeAr I fished there about this time through mid September. 40 to 60 fow. Plugs that glow usually smaller size plugs, but regular size also work. Glow flasher and flies work great as well. After sun up I usually switch to small plugs and supper slim spoons. Chartreuse and bronze are good colors. Red dots on a silver spoon can be deadly as well, and of course orange is always good for coho. Riggers, core, divers, all the same as a king program. As far as speed goes, I don't usually alter my speed for coho. 2.5 is the norm. Keep it slower cuz usually there is lots of kings there too. I found out the hard way platte bays can be fickle for coho. One day ten fish box, next day u get skunked. Good luck hope this helps
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