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Holland 4/7 Shakedown Double Header

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Well, it was one heck of a day on the water. Got the boat in the water for the first time of the year and she ran great.

Started out the day heading to the lake with Jon of N II Deep, Mike of Somethin' Elz, and my friend Jaycen at 6:40. Per reports from Friday, headed out to 170 fow and set lines headed west, marking tons of fish right away. Had about an hour at the beginning of the trip that was dead. Lost the first fish on the 250 copper with a mag blue dolphin (no name brand). Second fish was a king around 10 on the white crush glow/fishscale 11" protrol with a Big Weenie Homosez What fly 130 down on the rigger. Finally hit our hot troll going south west on 240 at 2.4 mph on the gps. Trolled from 185 to 240 on this troll and picked up coho on almost every rod, got us up to 17 in the box. Trolled out to 260 with no more hits and turned around. Heading the other direction, didn't take any more hits until 235 going 3.3 on the gps. Finished up a little bit before noon. Ended up going 21 for 22 with one throw back at the end.

In the afternoon, met up with four friends from school and Dave Ash and headed out around 3:30. Went back to the same area as in the morning and started out pecking away a the ho's. Then everything changed when we hit 185 out in front of the sliders on a SSE troll at 2.5 mph on the gps. Had a triple with one on the rigger, one on the 250, and one on the wire. Ended up with two nice kings and a laker. Marked the spot and and spent the rest of the night just crossing back and forth picking up fish. Pulled lines around 9:00. Total was 20 for 30+. The ho's were slapping at the baits more at night, had a bunch of hit and runs on the long lines. Had 6 kings that were 8-15 lbs, had one laker, and the rest were coho. Had multiple doubles and triples, some of which got a little chaotic :)

Now for some lure combinations:


Big Lake Lures Mod Blue Veggie UV on the 3 color - 3 coho

no name Mag Blue Dolphin on the 250 #45 copper - 4

Mixed Veggie Chrome SD/ BW Blue Magoo Fly 180 out on mag wire at 1-

Regular Blue Dolphin free slider on rigger at 75 - 1 coho

Big Lake Lures Green Kato on rigger at 75 - 3 coho

11" Protro/BW Homo sez what fly on rigger at 130 - 1 King, 1 Ho

Bloody Nose 220 out on mag wire at 1 - 1 coho

Moonshine Mongolian Beef on 300' #45 copper - 1 coho

Big Lake Lures Blue Kato on 10 color lead - 3 coho

Big Lake Lures Glow Easter Egg on 5 color - 3 coho


Mostly the same setup at in the morning except for:

Green Slush Stinger on 7 and 10 colors of lead.

for a while Fish Flash with Big Lake Lures Green Kato on deep rigger.

I will try to post pictures at some point, but my camera is not cooperating right now and I'm too tired try to figure it out :thumb:

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Some pictures from the night

What you do not see in the first picture is 2 other guys fighting fish. I was going to try and get a kick but triple header picture, but the rigger started pounding and Ben DOVE across the dog house to get it. Quads BABY!! at this point I put the camera away to help direct traffic and net fish.






Great night on the water!!! I really enjoy watching people catch fish!!! I think Ben and I only reeled in 1 fish each as we tried to clear lines and happend to have a coho on them.

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Nice job guys.

WOW' date=' that a lot of guys from this site getting together to hammer fish.

Cool that we can all have this place to chat, meet and slay salmon.[/quote']

I've always said that the reason I got my current boat is because I wanted to bring people out with me, the time on the water with friends is what makes salmon fishing so great. I was actually a little bit disappointed last year when I didn't get many responses to offers for rides. I love meeting new people and salmon fishing is a way to do it and have a great time.

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Thanks for posting the pictures Dave and Jon, my camera didn't save any of the ones I took.

Here pictures of the lures that worked:


Top to bottom:

BLL Glow Easter Egg

BLL Green Kato UV

BLL Blue Kato UV

BLL Mod Blue Veggie UV

Stinger Green Slush

DW Glow Bloody Nose

DW Glow Back Blue Dolphin

MS Mongolian Beef

On the sides:

no brand Mag Blue Dolphin - This was the hottest lure on the boat. Notice that the tape is a little different than normal, it must have been enough for the fish because the brand name versions were not getting hit as much.

Big Al Fish Flash


Mixed Veggie SD with BW Blue Magoo

11" White Crush Glow/Fishscale Protrol with BW Homo-sez-what

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