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  1. 2 for 3 last night, nice king on meat w/dipsy 170 back, big steel on UV bloody nose down 50 feet on rigger. Fished 115 FOW off tunnel park.
  2. 1 for 3 nice king after the sun went down moonshine white w/green spots on 6 color in 90 FOW off tunnel park.
  3. 1 for 2 last night with a couple bumps thrown in. 15# king on dipsy with white flasher green dots meat rig 40 back in 60 FOW just south of the piers. Rain basically held off until we pulled lines. Biggest fish so far this year.
  4. 1 for 5 last night, 4 hits on riggers 50 to 90 down in 130 FOW. Dbl on just as the sun went down landed 1 the other tangled in a core. Blue dolphin was the luer of choice.
  5. 1 for 2 full core with blueberry muffin and lost 5 color and planer board on a huge rip after dark can not remember the luer that was on it either.
  6. It was slow last night, we were 1 for 1 on a meat rig down 110 in 120 FOW after the sun went down. Fished north in 110-140 FOW
  7. Nice job Ben, good to see some kings in the mix. Congrats on the win.
  8. Busted throught the fog last night ended up 2 for 3. 125 FOW off Tunnel park. DBL OC on 150 copper and green dolphin 70 down on rigger. Nice night on the lake
  9. Busted through the fog last night ended up 2 for 3. 2 nice kings in 125 FOW out from Tunnel Park. DBL or crush on 150 copper took one and green dolphin 70 down on rigger took the other. Nice night on the lake
  10. I was out this morning and most started shallow and ended up in 140-160. It was a little slow but picked up, acording to radio, around 9
  11. Good job Ben, more browns than I have ever caught
  12. Hosted a small tournament, 6 boats, on saturday. Total fish caught was 21 with the largest almost 20 lbs. Most of the boats reported missing a lot of fish. We were 3 for 11 fishing 110-160 FOW. Multiple hits on small j-plug on dipsy back 120 and riggers set at 45" with a small chart/silver spoon. A beautiful morning to fish.
  13. 2 for 2 last night 80-115 FOW 1 on small yellow with spots j-plug on a dipsy out 120, 1 on full core with moonshine bluberry muffin? Saw some nice 20+ Kings at the station. Looking forward to saturday.
  14. Way to over come the problems. Never had 5 on at one time, sounds like fun.
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