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  1. So, after not getting the boat out at all last year, we made the first trip yesterday. My how the lake has changed..... Good news.... The boat ran very well, even though the kicker took literally 30 minutes to warm up. Bad news...... There sure aren't many fish. Fished 180 to 230' of water and ended up 5 for 9 or so, but only kept 2 fish. One nice Coho on a dipsey with a flounder pounder spoon set at 1 and 190 out. The other keeper was a small coho taken on a patriot spoon on 300' of copper. Let 2 Coho go since they were pretty darned small, and would've let the one we kept go but it was hooked into the gills. The last fish was a 5 or 6 pound laker taken on a full core with a blueberry muffin spoon which we also let go. Hope this helps everyong.
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