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Well I had full intention of making it to church this morning.... It did not happen. I got SALMON Fever!!

Set out around 7:30 from Holland and planned to run south past Saugy and troll home. I made it about a quarter of the way (50 FOW) and the graph LIT UP!!!

I set the boat down with my trolling newbie at the helm and started putting down the the divers and the riggers and took a second to grab a drink and the Diver starts to POUND!!! I pull the rod out of the holder and it was off to the races!!! 15 minutes later my buddy Rich landed his first big lake fish in a nice 16# King.

I got the last 2 lines set and I got to eat my breakfast as we trolled from 30 all the way to 70 FOW. I even crossed over the first fish waypoint and the big schools of fish had moved on.

I headed the boat south and started messing with some differnt stuff that I had wanted to tinker with and never had time.

About an hour later we had a SCREAMER!! on the highline with a Copper/Pink thin fin. I handed off the rod to my buddy again and he did a great job until the very end when he let the tip down and the fish got the hooks in the net and made a grand escape. OH WELL... I learned something that I will discuss later.

After an hour and a half without a hit I figued we would head for shore and try to find something in close. After switching out the divers and such I could not remember for the life of me what was on the outside board. I told Rich I was going to pull it and make sure it didnt have any garbage on it. I started to reel it in skipping the board across the top and all of a sudden THE BOARD STOPS!!! Confused I pull back on the rod thinking I had hooked a log, body, ect, and I was in for a SURPRIZE!!! A silver MONSTER started jumping behind the boat. Confused and exited I made the decisison to pull all the lines on that side of the boat because it hit a 1 color for browns. The backer was showing and I could see the spools. We started to turn into the fish to make up some ground as we worked the boat in and out of gear to keep the fish from spooling me. 25-30 minutes of back breaking fish chassing and a new problem presented itself. A king that would not fit in the net!! I had brought the small net because I did not plan on this happening. Rich managed a less then perfect net job, but none the less the fish was in the net.


22.10 POUNDS!!

We trolled most of the way back to holland and could care less what happend!!!

Side note... I need a bigger net!

What worked

Half a bubble spin doctor with a blue/green fly (will take pictures later as it is something I tapped up from a nasty old SD)

Copper/ Pink thin fin

Double green DW

What didnt work...

Green spinnies and flies

Any SS spoons

Tin can spin glow







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