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  1. Thx for the report, headed out in the morning Praying for decent weather, my little boat has taken a beatin 3 out of 4 trips this yr.
  2. I will try to make them all this year,finally adding a probe so maybe I can hang with you guys this year.Heres to spring coming soon.Thanks Jon for putting this together again
  3. Thanks,I was bringing minnows anyway last sat.I took my dad trollin,he got a little green,so I used a herring strip to catch a few gobies carved them up for perch.ended with about 20 or so.
  4. Were there any boats in 20 ft or so south of the piers,I am gonna try to fill the cooler and the livewell tomarrow
  5. Nice,I only got 1 14# chinook,got out late (fishing by 8am),the fish hit a dipsey with a uv ?( Light green, chartruese with black spots)
  6. Nice,was a south troll the ticket?I went through quite a few fish on a n.w. troll without a hit ,turned south and the fun began,that is till we saw lightening to the west.2/3 laker and steel,a nice steel broke off behind the boat
  7. I havent had to turn around at the pier heads since the bouy has been in the area ,big thanks from me as well
  8. 2/3 12# steely 70' down d.r glow happy meal 8# chinook glow flounder pounder 57' down d.r. great night fishing,rough trip through the fog headed in. Fished 85 to 120
  9. Thanks for the info on the radio,I came too late to the party ended with 4 good rips on full core and a dragger.Ended on a good note,My youngest son noticed a boat paddling on the way in,gave him a tow.
  10. pencil in the Ruff Draft, gonna try and get my butt kicked again.I haven't had the boat out yet( transom repairs) and will let you know if I cant make it.thanks
  11. Fishing from a 17 ft I check all week leading to the weekend I am going out. I use grand haven steelheaders web cam, wave forecasts. If an evening trip you can see from the web cam onshore.if forecast says 1 to3 I don't go I've had a few 4 and 5 footer ruin the trip.I've also seen forecast change overnight,with a front coming through.so many variables,safe fishing and tight lines to all.
  12. Thanks for the report,I started in 50 ft just south of port marking a lot of bait and a few fish.picked up 1 coho on 11 paddle white glow fly.should have stayed south from your report. Picked up 1 more 130 ft chilly Willy in front of stacks.lost 1 on the way back to port green splattered back plug on swr.great job
  13. I entered my first and only tourney last year,found out I have a lot to learn,guess that's why I'm hooked on the big lake. If and when I can fill my cooler,I might enter another. There are alot of great fishermen out there competing.I would say location,cost and prize would do it for me.
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