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  1. Thanks guys, l cant wait till spring now!!!!
  2. That didnt work and my laptop is down, its in my gallery but cant get it here ????
  3. Hope this works useing my phone! It says it a smart phone phone!!!!!! 2001 Wellcraft 24ft walkaround has 225 merc. Optimizer
  4. I will post pictures when l remember how to do, off my phone gallery?
  5. Magic Eraser. I buy them at walmart , just get the pad wet and wipe the area and spray off,l dont know how they work so good but they do. They have never done any damage to my gel coat! I have had blood stains on the boat l could not get off and these things worked. Good luck....
  6. I up and did now, bought a newer boat. 2001 Wellcraft 24' walkaround hard top, with 225 mer. Optimax the boat loaded all the toys with trailer. So come on spring it will be fish porn all over again, also l will be put the 22 starcraft offshore hard top up for sale before to long.
  7. I picked up a 250 Falcon Century Boat a Couple yrs ago and got a deal on it, it needs work like pull the 350 chey, and the lowerunit basicaly gut the boat and check it over repaint the full roller trailer, it just sets in the shed and I was thinking that I would make it my Lk Michigan Boat, but maybe I'am in for more work then it worth, or should I just gut it and sell all the usable stuff. Maybe some light here from someone will help make up my mind:thumb:
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