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  1. Go to my ebay page for me current colors. https://www.ebay.com/itm/224558350298. Underneath my user I'd of one more cast custom lures, click on "see other items". There, you'll see all my current colors. Please contact me direct for better pricing than ebay
  2. $11each for the 15 and I'll cover the shipping. Checkout my current inventory of colors on eBay....https://www.ebay.com/itm/223748614778. go to "see other items" for all 17 colors. I've added quite a few different ones since this post was posted. If I have to fire up the brush for custom orders, $12each and orders of 5 or more lures is free shipping. thanks for the compliment Brad
  3. TTT......still have some available, $11 each plus shipping. 5 or more, FREE shipping. Bulk rates for 10 or more lures. Thanks
  4. Still have a bunch of these left. $11 each. Orders 1-9 lures is $5 shipping, more than 10 lures is FREE shipping.
  5. You still have the 2 shimano 8' roller rodsfor sale? Willing to ship them to western PA? I'll pay for shipping.
  6. Still have a few left, $10 each shipped TYD., $9 each over a quantity of 20 or more. Email or message me for colors. Thanks to all who have bought. You won't be disappointed in the colors and craftsmanship.
  7. Still have a few left. Message me for available colors. I have some, I'm out of others. All quality colors and vibrancy.
  8. Last price drop...$11 each shipped TYD, more than 20, $10 each shipped TYD.
  9. Thanks....much better comment of the last guy....not mentioning names.
  10. Custom Bandit walleye Deep crankbaits Anyone interested in custom painted Bandit Walleye Deep crankbaits, I have approx. 180 available for sale. Check out eBay under custom Bandit Deep. There you will see 25 different colors I have painted up and the quantity of each color available. You can also look me up on Facebook at One More Cast Fishing Charters. There you will most of my custom colors that are not listed on eBay. Please contact me direct as my direct prices are $12 each shipped TYD. If you buy of eBay, then you will assessed shipping charges. Discounts for quantity over 20 lures. All top quality airbrushed paint and extremely durable 2 part epoxy clearcoat finish. Rest assure you, you find find a better quality custom Bandit.
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