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  1. 2008 Suburban LT - 123,000 miles Loaded (except sunroof) Heated leather seats Second row captain chairs Folding third row bench seat Towing package (PULL that boat !) DVD player Premium sound system WeatherTech floor mats front/rear Onstar Aluminum wheels Extra Set 4 Snow Tires PIAA fog lights PIAA driving lights Rear auxiliary halogen lights Full service record available, no rust, no accidents Asking $18,000 OBO more pics here: http://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?ownerId=70535079&searchRadius=0&listingId=429528411
  2. Is is worth a 3hr drive to hit the west side? thanks
  3. hmmm... works out to $1,250.00 per tree !!! FINE program there....
  4. ...I'll just come and try to FINALLY fill an EMPTY freezer !!
  5. Im still hoping to get over there for one more outing and am counting on you to show me where the tuna are !!
  6. caps IS yelling and makes it difficult to read try adjusting the zoom level on your monitor (lower right hand corner)
  7. we heard you out there. We boxed 10 Fri evening - tossed a couple greasers back and lost at least 10-12 others. Also lost a BIG one when an IDIOT crossed right across our stern and cut me off on his rigger cables. Then the fool did the same thing to the boat next to us. Wish we could have "discussed" this with him back at the dock Sat morning was slower. We boxed 3 - two of them 20+ and tossed a couple back again. Once again we lost a lot of hook ups (whats up with that ??) Tim will have to post the details on the program....cause "I jus' drives da boat boss"
  8. drove right though the area of the eastern earthquake on my way home a coworker is leaving tomorrow for Miami and GA
  9. 2-4's Now, If it would just settle down a bit by Fri eve
  10. hoping to (finally) get out again and re-fill the freezer will this wind screw everything up ? Been reading how good its been lately
  11. I used to work at a processing plant and can show you the tricks to getting/keeping an edge for the record - a steel does not sharpen ! It merely delays (but only slightly) the time till the edge is beyond safe and efficient use
  12. Im stuck here in Philly and on the east coast for work for another 12 days. hope you guys save me a few to catch when I get back !!????
  13. Need to tow something ?? Gotcha covered: 2004 Yukon XLT 2500 4X4 with AutoRide. 8.1 L engine with 12,500# towing capacity. Fully loaded with every possible option. Blue with gray interior. Heated leather bucket seats, 3rd row bench seats, premium sound system with in-roof DVD player, 6 CD in dash, power moon roof, rear heat/AC, engine block heater, oil cooler, trans cooler, electric brakes, hitch, power extending towing mirrors, custom halogen backup lights, PIAA fog lights and more. 149K miles. Garage kept and in excellent condition. Original owner. Comes with two extra full sets of tires (passenger + HD Snow tires) Asking $14,500 OBO Pics available
  14. flat water PLUS chrome ????? I must not be living right
  15. thanks for the reminder payment sent
  16. for Door County lots of other stuff there to do with the family if/when the weather doesnt cooperate for fishing every day. Winery tours, etc !
  17. hope you left a couple behind for me for Mon & Tues !
  18. wanna give it another try on Tues ? my ride
  19. nobody interested or available ??
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