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  1. Thanks to all for your help and input...
  2. What is a Big Papa ? What are trolling valves ?
  3. Trolling with Diesel Engines Any boats on the Great Lakes Salmon fishing with Diesel motors ?
  4. Diesel Engine Salmon Trolling Is anyone fishing the Great Lakes for Salmon with Diesel engines on thier boat. Is there a problem with getting them to go slow enough ? Any suggestions ?
  5. Went 3 for 7...one triple header. Best was 90 to 130 fow, west troll. Lead core, braided dipseys and one off a swr 30 down. 30 - 50 feet down 2.6 at the ball. Paddles and flys. Blue, or white, or green flys. White or chrome paddles 8" and 10 " Boat Name "Reel Oardeal" Steve
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