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Name that Spoon

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I am sure this type of thread has been passed around, but I am fishing from my desk right now... 2 long lines out with cat treats and some yarn attached to my ultra light... Cat fishing is the best!!

None the less....

If you had to only run ONE spoon for your entire spread, ALL DAY, including in the dark. What would it be and WHY?


Moonshine Blue Flounder all day ever day. It never comes off and always catchs at least one fish.


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Probably same spoon id pick also. Thinking of just being able to pick out ONE is going to make my head explode tho.

Here is a high noon steelie caught on Blue Flounder Pounder. Biggest steel we took last year, caught by my brother in laws sister on a 15 color core her first time out on L. Michigan.


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Silver streak mag green dolphin you can put it on any rod and works. From top to bottom

I know im cheatng now by picking two, but your asking the impossible from me. That spoon ranks right up there also.

Dave..If you ever go out and notice the water has a little more tinted green color to it than blue. Run it!

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If I had to pick just one, I'll have to go with Magnum Green Chille Wille. By far my best long copper spoon. For all around spoon, it'd have to be a Nuked Veggie in a standard size. Riggers, dipsies, cores, coppers; doesn't matter, you can't mess up unless you don't get it wet.

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based off of last year, Super Slim Cheap Sun Glasses with a piece of glow tape.

<a  href=%7Boption%7Dhttp://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/1/7/5/0/2010-10-08_00002.jpg' alt='2010-10-08_00002.jpg'>

Those look very close to My blue dolphins, and that would be my choice, It was the big producer last year.

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Dreamweaver Blue whale. Just barely beats out the blue dolphin because takes more bites in low light. I have had spoons that are hotter from one year to the next but the blue whale has been a constant producer since I started

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