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  1. Fished from 6 am til 11:30. Went 7 for 10. 1 rip on 7 color with mixed veggies, broke off. One missed on Moonshine watermelon on rigger 25 down right away. 16 lb king on dipsey 50 ft back with white/blue glow spin doctor and blue fly before sunrise. After sun up 8 lb king on 10 color blue/chrome spin doctor and blue fly. Big laker released on a rigger 90 down on mt dew spin doctor and green fly. 2 lakers, 1 too small, on rigger 80 ft down with green dolphin spin doctor and blue/green fly and also lost a nice king by the boat on same rig. 15 lb king and 7 lb king on 250 copper with a green/white crush spin doctor. Speed was 2.3 to 3.0, no flurries, just picked away at them. Caught fish until we pulled lines. Depths were 110 early and 125 to 140 later. We were straight out and north of piers.
  2. Hey Terry, Don't apologize for anything. You have been responsible for many fish caught on mine and my friends boat the last couple years more than all other posters combined. I only hope that I could give you a tip that helps you sometime. Thanks for all of your helpful info and good luck in all of your future trips!
  3. Started at 80 ft, no hits until 125. Caught fish in 125 to 135 straight out for a while then moved southwest to 140 after bite stopped and caught the rest there.
  4. I heard 25 ft by Deerlick a couple days ago.
  5. Beautiful day! 11 for 15. 9 coho, 2 kings. 23.6 lb and 12.5 lb kings! 125 to 140 ft, 2.5 to 2.9 mph. 12.5 lb king and 1 coho on Miami Dolphin on 250 copper. Big king and 3 coho on Freak in Blue Veggies on 150 copper. All the rest on dipsy 40 ft back with small red dodger and small blue/green fly. Good luck to everyone.
  6. 3 for 6, 2 coho and a 15 lb king. 135 to 145 ft of water. 2 for 3 on Silver Streak Miami Dolphin including king. 1 for 2 on red with black squiggles Brads Thin fish 100 ft behind board. 0 for 1 gold/orange j11 Rapala. Speed 2.2 to 2.6 on GPS. North and South troll best. Thanks to Pyle's Porthole for the info. Great people there. Great to get out finally. Good luck everybody!
  7. I have had success with the blue/gold one with a glow bottom. I ran it just as it came, just made sure the hook was sharp. I used tuna in oil with a little garlic powder added. It worked better than anything else when the sun was high and the bite slowed. I ran it on a rigger 5 to 10 ft off bottom with at least 50 ft of setback.
  8. Fished 6:30 to 12:30. Went 8 for 11. 2 lakers, 1 coho, 5 kings. 4 kings were 11 t0 12.5 lbs. All fish but one were caught in 125 ft, last one, a larger king in 135 ft. That was caught on a Brad's Cut Plug, blue/gold/glow, 10 ft off bottom. One small king on Stinger Tangerine Killer spoon on 100 ft 45lb copper. One small laker, thrown back, on a MS Flounder Pounder 120 down. 8 lb laker mother of pearl Lyman Lure 250ft back wire dipsey. Lost a small king on MS Yellow Submarine on wire diver 210ft back. All other kings were taken on Silver Streak Miami Dolphin on 250 ft 45 lb copper. The coho came on Stinger Yello Tux on 300 ft 45 lb copper. Kept speed at ball around 2 mph. Good luck! Keep the SH reports coming!
  9. I have had this happen twice. Once on a spoon and once on a jointed Rapala. Both times the split ring looked fine. On the Rapala we saw a steelhead jumping in the vicinity of the board but no sign of a fish on the line. We brought it in later to check it and no hook, I only run the rear hook anyway.
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