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  1. http://glsfc.proboards.com/user/62
  2. Anyone get the code for St.Joe?
  3. Plenty of 2-3 year class fish on the WI side. We will see how the bait fairs over the winter, that's the biggest deal.
  4. 7' TDR medium action, fast tip. Perfect rod IMO.
  5. Marine General has a good price on Cannons, Cannon for me
  6. Thank you for the tech update. I have Cannon riggers and should be getting my cable any day. What would be the preferred method to attach it to the spool. Thanks for your help and great products, Chris
  7. how much bait have you east side guys seen, there's a lot on the west side from what I hear.
  8. I went the cheaper route and got Miller welding glasses that block UV rays used in plasma cutting. Not as fancy as others but when they go over the side or they break I am only out 25 bucks. They wrap around like some of the other sporty models and have different color frames and tints, check them out.
  9. Worry more about what your spread looks like, not some small difference in a spoon. Lakeland made them and even had fishlander stamped on the back when I saw some. Give them a call. Probibly have some in a box some where.
  10. Too much IMO, they tend to make my fish alittle crazy but they sure look cool.
  11. WTP tape number I believe. Could tell everyone the source to where everyone is getting it but would probibly be banned from here.
  12. Get some 948 without the white back and make your own. I believe thats the #.
  13. Find bait and where 55 degrees hits the bottom, should be there IF your in a spot that has browns through out the season.
  14. I so want to get this stuff from torpedo bad but early online reports said they had problems with it breaking inside and loosing signal is this true? Does anyone run it?
  15. Are these still made in the 8' size or were they discontinued?
  16. Dave, some years back you gave a source for Vac bags and I got some. They were Vacstrip bags and they sold them in case bulk. I lost the name of the company when my computer crashed, do you remember it? Thanks a ton, Chris
  17. http://www.v-sharp.com/ Mark from Kinn's Sportfishing uses these, got one orderd for the holidays. One their videos they cut through salmon bones like butter.
  18. I always wondered what company's, like spoon/fly makers as an example, thought of guys that suck up and try to be thier friends for some free spoons/flys, insider tips, hot spots and stuff. That tackle whore crap has got to get old real fast. I suppose with social media you can do alittle promoting of the product online or if your a charter captain with your clients. Bet they see that kind of stuff coming a mile away.
  19. Seagar and Offshore angler 100% floro for me. Like Mark said it can't hurt. I have had less knots break with the Offshore brand. I like that stuff alot.
  20. Ditto on what Kyle said. I run 2 divers a side with 8's on the inside and 10's on the outside, works great. I got away from braid divers and don't really know why because people catch a ton of fish on braid but I love wire. Puts alot of fish in the box for me. Be careful of kinks in the wire. I run roller rods but others run tungsten guides and work just as well.
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